Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Our Halloween Tree

I was wanting so badly to create a Halloween tree this year, after I found some ornaments I fell in love with!  It worked out well, because we have the white flocked tree(from Children's Hospital) in our attic now(instead of storage...yay!!)  Anyway, I decided to use the few Annalee Halloween ornaments I have and start from there.  I lucked up and found these giant candy corn pieces at Target too and some precious garland at Michaels.  I think it all came together so well considering it is one year's worth of ornaments.  I look forward to collecting many more Halloween Annalee's in hopes that it may rival my Christmas Annalee tree.  Oh how I love Annalee!  Each little character beholds its own sweetness.  I love how the faces are so dainty and each one is completely different, if you look closely!  Here's to one of my many decorative obsessions!!

Playing with camera settings in preparation for Christmas!  

Halloween Festivities

Halloween was extra special this year, because my mom was able to come stay for the week.  We had a unique situation where we were headed to B'ham two weekends in a row.  Mom rode back home with us the first weekend and stayed the week with us.  It was such a treat!  Mom and I were able to spend such fun , quality time together as we prepared for our first Halloween in Augusta.  We made treat bags for Greer's school, prepared the front porch for trick or treaters, and even decorated one of our bathrooms for Christmas.  I was itching to use some garland I found at Anthropology while we were in Birmingham.  It all came together so well.  Pictures of that to come later.  
"Mickey and Minnie"
(Greer and Kenzee)

Treats for Greer's friends at school

Drinks for his Halloween snack

So proud of his treats!

Our set up

Ji Ji getting Greer dressed

Time to go trick or treating

Love this picture!

Smores with Ji Ji                                     Greer and Emily

Tailgating through the neighborhood

Making good choices

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Greer at 2...Don't Blink!

Trying to describe Greer seems awfully difficult to do sometimes!  His moods are changing pretty quickly these days (he is "Terrificly Two").  I realized when he was a baby, I could update daily on how much he was changing.  Those milestones come a little less often as babies become toddlers, and toddlers somewhere and somehow transform into little boys.  Oh this post is making me sad!  We are together every day, so how do I feel like I am missing something.  I don't think I am missing anything other than the fact that time flies when you are having fun!  I look at his baby pictures and am taken so quickly to a day that seems like yesterday.  The day that changed our lives forever.....and ever!  I have never posted this picture for so many reasons!  However, now I want people to see this picture so they can learn more about God and how he is working unbelievable miracles every day.  You see, according to science, the child in this picture was not supposed to live, but according to the real Physician, he is here with us today!  I'll spare all the technical details so you don't miss the point and so I don't lose track of the reason for this post to begin with.  I just LOVE to give glory to God on His amazing work and how he used our very own child to speak to so many people!
Touching Greer for the first time, which we thought may have been the last.  

Two years later.....HERE HE IS!!!
I think this picture speaks for itself!  

On a happier is what our little buddy is into and up to these days.  I love his personality and have grown to love everything he loves.  I never thought boy toys would interest me, but somehow this little guy makes them fun !  

Greer LOVES...
anything with wheels
swinging on our back patio
watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse over and over!
looking out the window 
wearing sunglasses while jammin' in the car
face time with family
other children
playing outside...even in the rain
hiding in dark closets
bath time
Buzz and Woody
Saying everyone's names that he knows
shoes (especially his new cowboy boots)
sleeping with his books 

Greer's Favorite Foods are...
"buddys" (aka pirate booty)
waffles...especially frozen (you must be teething)
"ice keem" (ice cream)
french fries

Greer is...
sometimes clingy
All Boy

Funny things Greer says...
"candy.....corn"(very clear, but a long pause in the middle)
"noooo"(it drags on with a southern drawl)
"Sfam"(Sam: your friend at school)
"hold you-me" (he is self correcting now...makes me sad)
"bite you" think all bugs and animals bite

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pumpkin Carving Party

We went to a pumpkin carving party this past weekend in our neighborhood.  It was such a fun, relaxing afternoon of family fun!  Each family brought their own pumpkin and carved it to their liking.  We lined up all the pumpkins on the steps for display and attempted to take a picture with the kids.  I enjoyed meeting more neighbors and look forward to more upcoming fall fun in the neighborhood!  I am reminded once again how blessed we are to have found where we live.  It has been a perfect fit for our family.

        Greer with all the big kids              Greer's pumpkin: Mickey Mouse

Greer's new nervous reaction....he shoves his fingers in his mouth.

"Is this mine?"

Friday, October 19, 2012

We got Boo-ed!

We got Boo-ed this week!  I don't know who was more excited, Greer or me!  Here he is going through our bag of goodies!  We had fun boo-ing some neighbors too!  I almost got caught twice.  The ringing the doorbell part is the killer.  I think I will quietly leave it on the front porch next time.  I felt like a criminal darting across our neighbors front yard!  Good times!!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Steed's Dairy Farm

We enjoyed a nice Saturday morning at Steed's Dairy Farm with a couple of Jeremy's co-workers.  

Checking out the chicks....oh how I miss hatching chicks with kindergartners!!

Greer and Zoe

Emerson, Alexander, and Greer

Greer loved the cows!

This is my dream play set...Noah's Ark
Maybe I should start working on Jeremy now to build it.  

It's so pretty and such practical play space.  
I would have picnics in this thing every day!

Kenzee, Greer, and Zoe

Such Cuties!

How many daddies does it take to protect one carriage of children?