Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

     Christmas came and went, but will last a lifetime in my greatest of memories!  It was Greer's first Christmas!  I am beginning to see why the first year is so special!  I am also starting to understand why moms cry at their baby's first birthday parties.  You can go ahead and probably add my name to that list.  I love the anticipation of all the "first" holidays, but am having to toughen up and not be so sad when they are over!  I think I only managed to buy 10 Christmas outfits this year and found myself sad again packing it all away!  And to give myself something to look forward to, Greer already has 5-6 Christmas outfits for next year.  Jeremy is going to kill me! 
     This Christmas was special for so many reasons!  The very biggest reason is that Greer was here to share it with us!  Such a blessing this little baby is!  I cherish every moment I have with him!  It was so much fun shopping for him and telling him all about Baby Jesus.  We were actually the Holy Family at church during A Night in Bethlehem, which was very special.  Trinity has been so good to us during all we have been through.  It was such an honor to be a part of such a special event at our church.  I cannot wait until Greer is old enough to understand the true meaning of Christmas!  It will not be long!  Greer had a great Christmas, considering he is the first grand baby on both sides of our family.  He received more presents than necessary, but we loved every minute of it all!  His favorite gift was the paper that the gifts were wrapped in.
      It was hard taking down Christmas this year, because I did not want it to end.  So, I decided to take everything down in shifts.  First came the decorations and one big tree, then the other big tree a week later, and then the outside decorations shortly after.  I had to make sure I was truly ready to let it go....I never really was, but it is all down and put away now!  So now I am already counting down until the next Christmas.....the most wonderful time of the year!