Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Mary Harper turns TWO!

This sweet boy helped be the birthday fairy and decorate Mary Harper's room for when she woke up.  He had so much excitement in his heart and he was so happy for his baby sister.  If I teach my children anything, one of them is for them to be happy for other people.  Greer was just that!  He was so sweet to her and kept telling her, "Happy Birthday".  We did Mary Harper's birthday at a local ice cream shop.  It was so sweet and simple.  She invited a few of her sweet friends to celebrate.

Making breakfast pancakes

Happy Birthday to YOU!

Here she comes!

Daddy is here!

Sweet girl was still trying to figure out what is going on

Ji Ji to the rescue. She kept Mary Harper during nap time while Greer came and helped me set up.
Sweet time with my buddy!  He is such a little helper these days!

our first guest have arrive

Her cake took me back to being a child again.  
So thankful to have a little girl!

The big boys

Sweet girl blowing out her candles




Greer and Oliver


Sweet Lainey and Mary Harper


Her birthday loot.  Such a blessed little girl.  
I see lots of pink and princesses!