Monday, August 25, 2014

Officially Four

The birthday fairy(Our sweet neighbors) came by and left Greer some sweet messages in our driveway!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday Greer!

Oh it still doesn't seem like this little boy can be four!  I can remember the day he was born like it was yesterday.  Party themes were on the verge of being tricky this year.  I always try and help Greer narrow down choices and then give him the ultimate choice.  I do think its important for him to have some ownership in his own birthday, but also think he needs to be kindly reminded of the fact that he will only be little once.  Ok, so maybe that part makes me feel better more so than him.  The three choices we narrowed it down to this year were "Olaf in Summer"(the boy version of Frozen the movie...I'm saving my ideas for this one for baby sister down the road...Little princess may be a little easier to convince), Firetrucks, or Cars(the movie).  I was really getting excited about the last choice, because we just went to Carsland in California back in May.  When I would ask Greer what he wanted, it was a Ninja party at Monkey Joe's...and then fire trucks was his choice from my list.  Well, we had already booked our neighborhood pool for the third year in a row, so we stuck with that plan and helped him with the rest.  Firetrucks it was and I don't think he was disappointed at all!  This was probably my favorite party yet.  It reminded me a lot of being a teacher.  I feel like his guests were able to learn a little something while they were at the party celebrating.  I loved watching all his friends work and play together.  This age is truly something special!  And I included tons of pictures of him opening his gifts.  This was the first year he spent a lot of time going through them.  It was so sweet!  And I love looking back at how he and his friends worked together to open them.  They seemed sincerely interested in what he was opening.  Sweet times!

Walking up to his party after he awoke from his nap

I did order his cake to his liking and catered to his taste more so than mine.  Planes: Fire and Rescue just came out, so we used figurines from the movie to inspire the "theme" of his cake.  He was so excited and asked to look at his cake several times(we kept it in the laundry room so Hope wouldn't eat it)before his actual birthday.  He was so proud.  Mission accomplished!

He still has a baby face...and I love it!

how we managed to make time for this, I don't know

Ice Bucket Challenge!  The kids loved this...and so did the dads

The firemen came to show the kids around the fire truck
This was so sweet and special watching these little feet walk out to the firetruck

I will never forget this smile!  He was so proud.  When he looked out and saw his friends looking up at him in the firetruck, you could tell he felt so special.  

Greer's reaction to one of Josh and Aimee's gift..."It is just what I wanted!"
(it was the movie Rio 2)  They always know exactly what to get our children.  

Golf Clubs and a golf jacket from mommy and daddy.  He is ready for the course!

One blessed little boy....and he even said thank you over and over!  I am so thankful for his kind heart and appreciation towards others.  He truly is such a thoughtful child!  I love him and feel so lucky God entrusted me to be his mommy!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Greer's First Day of 4's

Here are Greer's first day of school pics.  Baby sister of course joined in on the fun too.  This is the last jon jon Greer will probably ever wear to school, so I tried really hard to make it super cute.  The dinosaur eating the apple just screamed "first day of school" and "my last jon jon ever"...except maybe a few for church.  We even practiced undoing the buttons so it wouldn't be a bathroom issue at school and so his teachers wouldn't hate me too.  Lol!  The time is just slipping by.  I still remember the first day Greer went to school.  

Real Life!

I found these cute apple boxes at Ikea...that store always comes to my rescue in some way.  We filled them with treats for his teachers....pretty much junk food...but all teachers need a little something sweet to get through the first day.  And notice Greer wrote his name as well.  This was a big deal for us this summer!  He worked very hard to be able to do this and pushed through lots of frustration.  

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Meet the Teacher: 4k

This will be Greer's third year at Wesley.  It seems like yesterday my mom and I went "preschool hunting" while we were here on one of our house visits.  God was with us the day we found Wesley.  The program has been a great fit for our family... and most importantly Greer!  He loves school and misses it when he isn't there. Summers are long for him, as he often asks when he can go back to his old school.  Well it's time for school to start and this little guy is super excited about the new school year!  So is his mommy!  Wink! Wink!
Ms. Mariam and Ms. Becky....we are SO excited about this school year!

Ms. Relo and Ms Lisa...Greer's teachers from the Twos...where did the time go?!?

Greer playing with Daddy

Mary Harper playing calendar with her baby friend Adeline(Benny's little sister)

He found his name!