Sunday, August 25, 2013

Greer turns 3!

How is it possible that I have a three year old?  Every year I seem to grow sadder and sadder about how fast time flies.  However, I grow more in love with this little guy every day!  To say that Greer is all boy is an understatement.  This child is full of life, love, personality, and how could I!  And lots of it!

Woody was up late the night before Greer's party stirring up some birthday fun!  
Those toys mean business!  His little lungs must be tired!  Here is what Greer woke up to.

I have this lemonade stand from my kindergarten classroom.  It has become quite a hit at all the parties. Greer loves to "secretly" pour out his lemonade just so he can refill it again.  The secret part is no secret to me!  I've watched him do it several times!

Birthday Boy!

Greer's cake

All the baby sitters

The twins

Roll Tide with Uncle Allen

All his presents....I guess he found something in his nose

The hit of the party was...Buzz walking on water

Both uncles setting up Greer's toys

Talking to Uncle Josh about his new aircraft carrier

Happy Birthday!  Jeremy surprised me and invited several neighbor friends over for dinner.  Super fun, but super crazy for the families that spent their day celebrating two birthdays with us.  

Thank you to this sweet family (and a few more families) for celebrating with us not once, 
but twice in one day!  

Friday, August 16, 2013

Meet the Teacher and First Day of School

Greer is attending Wesley Preschool again this school year.  His teachers this year are Ms. Kelly and Ms. Kim.  We are looking forward to a great year!

Greer with his teachers...Ms. Kelly and Ms. Kim

Greer and his friend Benny from playgroup


We are still working on how to hold baby sister

I could eat him to pieces!  Love this boy!