Thursday, February 28, 2013


This picture brings me so much joy!  Our soon to be nursery is a disaster at the moment.  It is filled with a variety of items until we get organized.  This picture happens to be one of the many random items.  It will soon go in Greer's big boy room once I get around to the big change.  Greer lined up several of his trucks and cars in front of the picture and sat there talking about the animals of Noah's Ark.  This little boy sure does know how to stop and smell the roses.  I am learning a lot from him these days!    

Paper plates, Nap Time, and DVR....

     These three things saved my life during the first trimester of this pregnancy.  Well, let me clarify....The first 17-18 weeks. This pregnancy has kicked my bottom for sure!!!  I don't know where people get away with saying the sickness ends at the start of your second trimester, but I am not buying that story ever again.  From the day I was six weeks pregnant until around 18 weeks, this baby was causing a ruckus like no other!  This go around has been a whole different story.  While pregnant with Greer, I had afternoon sickness that I usually cured with a hefty carb loaded dinner and then slept from about 5:30 until the next morning.  Teaching 18 kindergartners never really seemed to phase me.  I am thinking now they were quite the distraction.....but still, how did I do it without complaining?!?   Now, I have one child to take care of and I could barely get off the couch for hours at a time.  I took Zofran this time to make it through the day.  I avoided the pantry, trash can, and sink if at all possible.  Thank you to an awesome husband for working during the day and cleaning our house at night.  He asked me one day where all his undershirts were.  I eventually did laundry and counted TWELVE undershirts.  Yes!  That means I did NOT do laundry for two weeks.  Yikes!  Our house suffered greatly and still kind of does.  The toddler mess doesn't really seem to bother me too much these days.  Yes, that really did just come our of my mouth!
     Through all of this I am so thankful for an independent and understanding little boy.  God sure did take care of me in that department.  We watched way too much tv, ate entirely too much take out, and slept a whole lot.  Well, I just managed to nap while Greer napped.  Thank goodness for an awesome napper too.  On a great day, he would sleep for 3.5 hours.  That means exactly what you think it means.....I too, slept that long.  I truly believe in listening to your body, especially when you are pregnant!  If it makes you sick, don't eat it.  If it hurts to exercise, don't do it.  If the smell makes you sick, stay away from it.  If you are too tired to move, stay still...or nap!  I think pregnant women learn to cope with their surroundings during pregnancy to keep from staying nauseous.  However, I also believe your body craves what it needs to take care of the baby as well as make you feel better.  It hasn't failed me yet!  I am now drinking tons of water daily, which has made me feel so much better.  I no longer crave fatty casseroles or greasy Italian.  I've moved on to chicken salad, pimento cheese, and hummus.  Tomato sandwiches have been a favorite lately too.  Especially with a slice of cheese and a poached egg.  Yummy!  The lighter foods are sounding good again and I feel better after eating them.  I will never forget the day I called my mom to ask her if it was ok to eat chicken broth.  That is the way the wind blew that day, but it made me feel so much better.  I officially feel great other than being pretty sleepy.  I will occasionally drink a little caffeine, but am trying to be good and eat foods that give me natural energy.  I'm still hoping if that tells you anything!  This is a very boring post in comparison to the ones filled with pictures I usually use.  I just wanted to tuck all this information away somewhere so I can tell our LITTLE MISS all about the fun I had while SHE was baking in the oven.

Major Cravings:
Egg Rolls
Sushi (can't wait to have the real thing!)
Chocolate Milk
Frozen Yogurt
Chinese Food

Food Aversions:
Chocolate (only until a few weeks ago...I figured this would not last long)
sweet potato fries (one of my former faves)
Chick-fil-A(This happened when I was pregnant with Greer too)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Fun!

Making valentines for family

V-Day treats from Ji Ji

Greer's cookies for his v-day party at school

The valentines for his friends 

He was so proud of them!  

Can't wait to get to school and share

Our family valentine's a tradition!
We cook our engagement dinner from the Grand Floridian in Disney World.
They were kind enough to share the awesome recipe with us.  It's not an easy one, but is so worth it!!  
I love that we stay home and cook as a family.  How funny how our v-days have changed over the years.  I wouldn't have it any other way!

Greer got a new puzzle and a movie from Mommy and Daddy

He loves it!  

Greer's Valentine's Day play date with his friends from Mom's Club.  
It was our turn to host.  

We had grapes, friendship mix (thank you pinterest), strawberry muffins, peanut M&Ms (for all the pregnant moms), juice, and water

Friendship mix for snack

The craft Greer and his friends did.  I wrote the children's names on cut out hearts in crayon and they water colored over and around their name.  They turned out really cute.  Such a sweet and simple craft for any young age.  

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Circus Fun

 We took Greer to the circus for the first time.  Ji Ji was so excited to go with us!  We had a great time!  Greer lasted the entire show, which was fairly long.  He loved the animals.  We just wish there had been more.  We only saw elephants and dogs.  No lions or zebras....or clowns either.  I'm not sure why the circus has changed so much since I was a child, but it kind of made me sad.  I'm thinking maybe they split the show in half and sent some other animals to another city.  Oh well!  It was worth the money we spent and we plan to go back next year.  Just glad I didn't fork out the extra money for the vip seats.  Our seats were awesome!  Much better than the floor seats in my opinion.  It's all a preference.

Greer sitting just like his daddy....I love it!  

We found "Ms. Tittle" at the circus.
I took a picture of her taking a picture!  

Greer's first snow cone....he was so excited!  We got to keep the cup too.
That was my favorite part!  I still remember what my circus cup looked like as a child.  

We found Bella and Luke

Sitting with Ji Ji

SO CUTE!  Greer loved the "elepants"

Headed home

Checking out his new circus book from Ji Ji

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Valentine Day Photo Shoot

Here are a few pics I took of Greer around Valentine's Day!  I needed a recent pic to put on his valentines for school.  A special thank you to Aunt Aimee and Uncle Josh for the precious and perfect outfit for the occasion!    I realize all the pictures look a lot alike.  Not to me though!  I see so many different expressions in each one.  The joy of being Greer's mommy!