Monday, August 27, 2012

Last Day of Disney....

This picture pretty much sums up our last day.  Hurricane Isacc is soon to hit the gulf coast and we are seeing signs of a tropical storm ahead.  We put on our raincoats, laughed about the rain, and made the best of our last day in Disney World!  Let the fun begin!  

Eating on the go!  This cinnamon roll was almost as big as his head!

More glasses!  I am loving all the yellow!  
It reminds me in this ugly weather that fall is around the corner.
Trying to stay positive here!

I love this movie...and the ride too!  The music, the decor, the classic toys, the voices, the characters, the story, everything.  I think I love it more now that I have a boy of my own.  It makes me weepy when I watch it now.  My favorite part about this movie is that Greer will snuggle with me on the couch and watch it with me!

This show was not my favorite, but certainly kept our little one entertained.  
I like the Mickey and Friends dance party that used to be here.   Still cannot seem to understand why they thought watching puppets on stage would be more entertaining than actually interacting with and dancing with the real characters.  Where's the logic here?

There's Jake

We stopped by The Brown Derby  for their famous Cobb Salad and a surprise birthday dessert.  

Our last ride before we ran as fast as we could to catch the Disney Bus back to our hotel to catch the Magical Express to the airport to catch our plane back to Atlanta.  Whew!  It was totally worth it.  We certainly made the most of our time here and look forward to coming back.  
Until next time, SEE YOU REAL SOON!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 5: Animal Kingdom & Magic Kingdom

So the second reason we came to Disney was for my 30th birthday.  It took some convincing to make this trip happen, but it was worth every penny spent.  Why not kill two birds with one stone and celebrate both birthdays together!  If Greer and I can pull off a birthday trip every now and then, then birthdays a day apart may just work out well.  I look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with my little buddy!

The Tree of Life

He was right next to our Jeep

Greer loved the "Elapants"

The Lions

Ostrich Eggs

We were not expecting to see a bird's wing being amputated.  
Pretty cool, but not my thing.  I get nauseated thinking about it.

Our stroller looked like this every day.  
We packed it down with as much as we could.  
It beats carrying everything around.

Mount Everest....Jeremy is on the back row in the green shirt. 
I love how all the roller coasters at Disney have viewing spots where you can watch your family.
It makes single riding more fun!

Festival of The Lion King...A must see!  

Greer awoke from a nap to this show and decided he would plug his ears.

On our way to dinner at the place where Jeremy proposed....The Grand Floridian.  
Greer loved the water taxi. 

Something about seeing that red roof gives me chill bumps.
It's the same reaction I feel when I see the castle for the first time in a while.  
I love this place!  

We ate at The Grand Floridian Cafe for dinner....
right inside from where the magic happened.

Sweet boy staying busy while we wait for dinner.

Our was amazing!  One of the cakes had marzipan icing.  
One of my favorites!  To make it even better, the mickey mouse was dark chocolate...
the only way to eat chocolate!

The spot!!!  It was almost six years ago when we went for what I thought was just a vacation to see the Christmas lights at Disney World.  That is not what Jeremy had in mind.   A little more magic was ahead.  We had a private dining table next to the water.  He popped "the question" while we were watching the Magic Kingdom fireworks.  This has a little to do with why I absolutely love me some Disney World!   We will stay in this hotel one day!!   

The same spot.  

Ready to go to Magic Kingdom

It always amazes me how different the castle can look with just a tiny bit of color enhancement.  
Halloween and Christmas are by far my favorite times to see it!

A classic!

This boy loved the 3D shows.  I was a little surprised.  I think the glasses did the trick.

We found this baby a mickey to take home!  
He now sleeps with him every night!

We found buzz again!

 First dole whip.... for the whole family actually.  
I am not sure how we have managed to never eat one of these.

This picture cracks me up.  I was actually trying to score some points while Jeremy is being silly and he still beats me by a landslide.

This people movers ride was so fun!  It was an actually lengthy, but extremely relaxing ride around Tomorrowland.  We propped our feet up and relaxed for a good ten minutes.  
How have I never been on this ride either?

Need I say more!