Tuesday, July 26, 2011


This is Greer's favorite hangout!  Whenever I cannot find him (which is never for more than 2 seconds), I know he has escaped from the living room to Hope's water bowl.  When I tell him, "No Greer, stay out of Hope's water", he only splashes more.  Maybe I should stop saying "no" first so he will actually listen to what I am saying.  I guess I am relieved he is all boy and can only laugh at the fact that he thinks it is hilarious to splash water ALL over the wall and floor!  I had noticed the water every where the day before, but thought is was Hope.  I quickly realized the next day that the little boy with his name written on his bottom had been the one to blame for this big mess!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Greer's Friends

I have to say I am pleasantly surprised at how interactive babies are.  I have been in for a treat over the last ten and a half months for a lot of reasons, with this being one of the biggest!  I have also been happy to learn how much Greer enjoys the company of other children.  It does not matter where we are, he will almost flip backwards out of my arms to catch the attention of another child.  It makes me smile every time.  Let's just hope we don't have a class clown in the making.  He sure does like to play!  I am very thankful for this trait in Greer.  As a parent and educator, I want him to be social and am so thankful for the signs he is showing me already.  Here are a few pictures of Greer's play dates.  Some pictures are older than others, but all are great times we have shared with very special people in our lives!

Cheering on the tide with my first friend Barrett!   
Look!  We are even holding hands!

Abbie, Ava, Greer, Claire, Barrett, & Lila celebrating my daddy's 30th birthday
Greer & Barrett chewing on everything together!

Sweet Catherine and Greer at field day.  Oh, Greer loves him some Catherine!  She even shares her pink stroller with him.  Thank you Catherine for making Greer smile every day when his mommy was at work!
Harrison, Greer, & Hollis at Edgars.  We don't get to see these sweet 
boys enough because they live in Memphis!  Miss their mommy too!
Claire is such a great help!  Greer loves her and she keeps him entertained so well!
Greer and Emmaline swimming together.  Everyone thought they were twins.  So funny!  Greer is a little small for his age and they had matching hats on too.  What a fun day!  

Monday, July 18, 2011

BItter Sweet!

Bitter sweet certainly sums up my emotions right now!   I have decided to stay home with Greer next year and work part time 2 days a week at All Saints teaching Mother's Day Out (which I am very excited about).  It is the best of both worlds for now, because I will be getting out the house, earning a little bit of spending money, but getting a small, but much needed break from Greer.  That sounded so terrible when I wrote it, but every mother needs and deserves a sanity break from her own child.  The bitter part comes from the fact that I just finished packing up a big part of my life (teaching) into a storage unit.  I put every bit of my heart into teaching and loved every minute of it.  I absolutely loved the school I taught at and adored the people I worked with.   I feel blessed for the experience I had at Deer Valley and hope to return when the timing is right.  In the mean time, I have found myself struggling to walk pass the school supply aisle at Target without getting sad.  I feel like I need to be in my classroom (my second home, which is no longer mine) preparing for the upcoming school year.  So, to ease my urge to organize, decorate, and clean like I would normally be doing right now...I am consuming my time with preparing for Greer's FIRST birthday.  This makes me happy, because I am able to reflect on this huge blessing that God brought into our lives  almost a year ago.

Not only did I shock myself in even having the desire to stay home from work with Greer, but I also realized what a slacker I am about keeping our blog up to date.  I plan to backdate blog a few things that are important to us.  My goal is to be better about blogging and documenting our life with Greer.  A lot has changed since he was born and I certainly have tons to write about and share.  I think I simply get overwhelmed at the thought of where to begin.  Until next time.......