Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Polar Express

So excited to ride on a real train for the first time!

Looking at his bell!

We made it to The North Pole

Looking out the window at The North Pole

"Hot, hot, ooh we got, hot...hey we got it"  

And the morning after our ride on The Polar Express....our elf came to visit

Fall Fun...Part 2

Early fall trip to the zoo

 pumpkin patch...last minute work trip for Jeremy to Birmingham turned into a fun-filled weekend

Visiting with sweet friends...Hannah and Claire Ceasar

Sleeping Beauty

Fun with Mi Mi and Gramps

Nona with Mary Harper

Jeremy's Aunt Sandy came to visit for Thanksgiving this year.  
It was so nice seeing her!

Paw Paw giving Mary Harper her first banana

Greer in front of Ji Ji's "Give Thanks" tree

Friday, November 29, 2013


Soccer was something new we added to our agenda this fall.  It was quite an adventure to say the least. Greer was pretty entertaining and a handful at times.  Our coach was the best you can get.  He was so patient and soft spoken with the children, and dedicated too!  I watched him carry crying three year olds back to the court several times.  He always got on their level and often sat on the floor with them.  I watched him "coach" the children who actually wanted to learn while he herded the rest of the children back in the game.  He was always there early to get the court ready for game time and almost always sporting a whistle(which he rarely even had to use).  I'm proud to say this amazing coach is Jeremy!  I've seen him be patient with our children, but I have never seen him work so well with a group of children like this.  I love this man and love the fact that we share a family together!  Looking forward to many more sporting events in the future.  I just hope maybe next time our own child will take the game more serious.  As for this season, his behavior consisted of throwing himself on the floor while laughing, running into other children, waving at me on the sidelines, crying, eating during the game, and mostly just running with the flow of traffic, but never really trying to go near the ball.  I'm pretty sure there were not any goals scored on his behalf, but at least he is familiar with the game for next fall.
I must add that Jeremy was so excited to find Greer a soccer suit of his own.  

action shot of what went on a lot of the time...
pile up on top of each other and wrestle

Good sportsmanship

Double tasking

From the sidelines

in action

From left: Caden, Nora Ann, Kenzee, Greer, Oliver, & John (missing Benny)