Friday, July 20, 2012

Note to Self

"Yesterday is history.
Tomorrow is a mystery.
Today is a gift.
That's why we call it "The Present."

I found this quote while reading one of the Publix Baby Club flyers.  
I love it and want to live by it every day!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

"Noch" and "Machew's" Birthday

Greer has made friends with "Noch"(John) and "Machew"(Mathew).  They are Kate's precious little twin brothers that Greer thinks are still babies.  He tries to hug and love on them and it always seems to end up torturing them.  These little boys are adorable and look completely identical to me!  I have never been able to tell them apart!  We had so much fun celebrating their first birthday at our neighborhood pool!  Good times with great neighbors!  We are so thankful to have neighbors like this!  Everything was so cute, and I even found out about a place called "A Piece of Cake".  We will be going there soon for sure!  The boys' cake was not only adorable, but delicious as well!

Some of the gang

 Greer actually eating.  
Peer pressure works in a good way sometimes!

Sweet Cousins...Will & Kate!

Kate experimenting with how to eat her hamburger.  So cute!

Sweet Kate checking it out

Daddy trying to sneak a kiss...not happening

Playing with his frog

And to top it off, the coolest snow cone bus came by.  
It even played music for the kids!  
I think I enjoyed the entertainment more than Greer!    

Lined up for the fun

Sweet Joshua!

Jeremy picking some flavors for Greer

"That music is too loud Mommy!"

Greer with Kate and Will

The fun had to end some where

Greer strapped in for the ride home...only in the neighborhood!

And...... we saw a deer on the drive home.  Yes, this is in our neighborhood.  Wishing I had my zoom lens with me.  Bummer!  So far, we are loving the long as it doesn't include snakes!

Greer trying to see the "deeeeeer"

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Short Visit with Barrett

We drove through Birmingham on the way back from the lake.  We were able to meet Jessica and Barrett for breakfast.  YAY!  I miss my friends back home and this was the perfect temporary fix for now.  Breakfast with two toddlers was interesting, but totally worth it.  My child especially decided he would throw his sippy cup and coloring book on the floor repeatedly.  I am still struggling with how to discipline him in public when he acts like this.  The things Greer does to get attention!   It's so frustrating sometimes!  Here are some pictures I took while they were rocking outside on the rocking chairs.  They were working so hard to make these little chairs rock.  It was so sweet!

So Sweet!

Greer walking Hope on a leash....or should I say Hope walking Greer!


Saturday, July 7, 2012

4th of July Festivities: Part 2

After the actual 4th, we made our long trek to Lake Mitchell to celebrate wonderful traditions with family and friends.  Lots of pictures were taken of course!  This fourth was a lot more active for us than last year.  Greer was all over the place playing and taking it all in!

An empty box has always been entertaining to him

One of my faves!

Poor Emma

Love this picture!

Happy Hour for Greer!

I couldn't resist

Naked Baby Alert!!

On his tippy toes looking for "peshus"(precious)

So sweet!

Who doesn't eat Pirate's Booty for breakfast!

Helping Paw Paw make the bar-b-q sauce

Watching "Minnie" (Mickey) during breakfast

The Boys!

Mike in the weeds

He survived

The whole gang!  I love this picture!  
Jeremy is throwing the frisby for Hope to get her away from him in the water!
Works every time.

Kateyln on the slollum

Greer's bathing suit fits this year


Greer making sure the dessert is edible

Sleeping during the fireworks

Hope at the end of the trip