Sunday, April 22, 2012

We live in Georgia now!

      Wow!  I cannot believe we are Georgia.... and it has been over a month.  I am proud of myself.  These big girl pants seem to be working out well for far!  There are certainly moments when I really miss home and want to go back, but it is mostly the worst when we go home.  I guess the whole out of sight, out of mind really is true sometimes.  I still talk to my regulars throughout the week, which helps it seem like not much has changed.  Thank goodness for modern technology!  I have filled up my phone with pictures so I can keep Ji Ji happy!  I actually do not have any more space for pictures.
      I have so much to blog about, because we just got internet YESTERDAY!  Geez!  Thank goodness I made the plunge for my i phone before we moved.  This phone has been my best friend!  As much as I have made fun of Suri, she has yet to let me down!  She gets us around town pretty well, considering several of the roads here have changed names and are still changing.  Lovely!  Thank goodness for pictures, or I would have to say this past month and half has been a bit of a blurr!  I'll do my best!  AT&T, thank you for making my life so difficult!  Had we not decided to "bundle"with you (which means you are basically married to your internet source)  you would be adios!  I am going to back track to some of our last days in Birmingham.  We had a last minute backyard cookout the week we moved.  It was very bitter sweet!  I wanted to enjoy our backyard and patio one more time.  Jeremy worked so hard to make it family friendly and beautiful...and to me, it was!  We made many fun memories in this backyard, Greer's first birthday was a big one!  



So sweet!  I hope to take this picture again in the fall at tailgates, which we WILL be back for!  

Dad always trying to turn this baby into a backyard country baby.  

Geez Greer!  Poor Hannah can barely breath.  This is definitely Greer's new thing.  He kisses everybody from boys, girls, dogs, and stuffed animals.  I take one any time I can get one from this sweet boy!

We watched a movie with Drewby the night before the movers came.  He was always up for a good movie night and TCBY on the couch with us.  Our house was a disaster, but we didn't care.  Miss you Drewby!  Come visit us!  

This is the picture that still makes my stomach hurt.  I kept thinking maybe the movers will get lost and never find our house.  It didn't happen!  I kept myself busy and stayed out of the house as much as possible during the move.!  Once again, out of sight, out of mind.  The movers were amazing to say the least!  They packed and moved EVERYTHING in our house.  I didn't know this service existed, but I think it is the best way to go!  They made our transition as pleasant as it could be and had us packed and moved in three days! 

Here is our kitchen that I am still in love with!  I still want to come back here and cook one last meal!  Jeremy put blood, sweat...and the tears came from me, into this project!  I am still so proud of him for coming up with a plan and executing it to the end!  I love the handy man that he is!  Unfortunately, I have a feeling this will not be his last renovation!  It is worth it in the end, but awful in the process!  I will keep telling myself that if this time comes again.  I still remember the crawl space being exposed the week of our wedding.  Believe it or not, the floor was in when we returned from our honeymoon.   Good times! 
Here is our old home in Homewood.  What a sweet and special place we called home!  It was the perfect first home.  I still cannot drive by it.  Not yet, anyway!  Those other cars look so strange parked in our driveway!  Anyway, there are so many wonderful memories living in this home.....our first house together, the place we brought Greer home from the hospital, Greer's first birthday, several dear friend's wedding and baby showers(Jessica & Gavin's Baby Shower(Barrett), Katie & Tony's Baby Shower(Claire), Joe & Melissa's Baby Shower(Anne Charlotte), Dave & Stephanie's Wedding Shower), and many more parties.....New Year's Eve, Christmas Eve, Easter, and birthdays....not to mention the many last minute cookouts.   

Here is where we live now.  I know, the picture is not great!  I am working on finding another.  This is the picture we took when we were looking at houses.  We actually have grass now.  I would have never picked the blue color, but it has grown on me more and more.  This is where I call home....for now anyway!  I'll continue to "paint me a birmingham" in my mind!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

First Weekend In Augusta

The move went very smoothly and I am so very thankful to finally be here.  We were pretty overwhelmed with our "need now" boxes this weekend.  I managed to conquer Greer's room and closet while the movers were still here and then I moved on to our closet and then the kitchen.  This felt like a huge accomplishment.!  Where did all this stuff come from?  I realized that I go and buy things every time we throw a shower or party at our house.  That's the fun of being a host, right!  I also thought I cleaned out before we left, but somehow we accumulated 5 huge boxes of things to go to Hannah Home within the first weekend here.  Yikes!  I am glad we took the advice of the movers and left out paper plates, eating utensils, toilet paper, sheets, etc.  And thank goodness for our easy access to the cooler, because we went without a refrigerator for the first week here.  No one wants to go shopping for a refrigerator the day you move in and of course the people buying our house wanted our nice Jenn Air refrigerator.  We made the best of our situation and kept our items cold in our bright red cooler.
Our little helper!  

Love that sweet smile.  I needed to see that this weekend!  
He was right in the middle of everything!

Having fun in the paper.  

Loving the new backyard!

This is hilarious!  Jeremy bathed Hope in our outdoor fire pit.  
I am pretty sure if we had neighbors, they would know we are from Alabama!  
Greer thought it was hysterical and laughed the whole time.  

The unpacking got a little overwhelming, so Jeremy of course suggests we go to the rodeo.  Of course he always stops to smell the roses!  That's why we are together.  I would have stayed home all weekend from sun up to sun down getting the house perfect if it were not for him.  Needless to say, the boxes waited until later and we went on to the rodeo.  I am sure they could probably tell that "Alabama" people had arrived.  From our family and friend's perspective, I think it was pretty shocking that the first thing we did while in Augusta, was go to the rodeo.  We had a blast!

Cowboys headed to the rodeo

This is what a rodeo looks like in case you have never been.  This was my first time.  
Hoping Barrett and Jessica can join us next year!  

He loved petting the animals of course!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Weekend

We had a very exciting Easter weekend this year.  We went to a fish fry on Good Friday at the Brand's house (I forgot my!), "Breakfast with the Easter Bunny" at the zoo Saturday morning, and our traditional Easter lunch (except we ate Saturday night instead of Sunday morning since Jeremy started his new job in Augusta on Monday.)  Sunday was still special too!  The Easter Bunny came,  we went to church, and had Easter leftovers afterwards.  We got lots of great pictures!  Greer is at such an interactive age right now!  There is never a dull moment around here!
Off they go to see the Easter Bunny

Jeremy put Greer's bunny in his chair.  
It was actually Jeremy's idea to bring the bunny in the first place.  So sweet!

The roosters came by to see us.

Eating like a big boy

Greer with his Easter basket from Mi Mi

The goody bags Greer gave his friends for Easter.

Peeking through the fence with Paw Paw

Love that sweet face and those legs!

Daddy is getting his phone ready to video

Going to find his basket

and the Easter Bunny came!

Doing some yard work while we socialize

Taking a rest or getting ready for short stop....who knows!

a little backyard ball

Paw Paw showing Greer how it is done

Great picture!

Some of the family

My buddy!

Family Photo

Mi Mi and Gramps with Greer

He loves is new dump truck!

Big Buds!

Katelyn and Allen with Greer

Paw Paw and Ji Ji with Greer

The traditional Easter picture in front of the cross at Trinity

Opening his Easter basket from Ji Ji and Paw Paw.  

He now says "Ji Ji" every time he sees sunglasses!  
He loves them this year and would not wear them at all last year!