Friday, February 24, 2012

A New "Do"

So after many comments from family and much contemplation, I decided it might be time for Greer to get a "trim".  I refuse to say cut, because it was not that at all.  Actually, I think I am resisting the fact that this child was once a baby, who is now a toddler, and will soon be a little boy.  He will be eighteen months old tomorrow, so I guess it was getting close to time for a haircut.  It sounds crazy, but I didn't want the duck feather looking part of his hair that sticks up in the back to be gone forever.  I mean, this is his trademark.  It is Greer!  When I think of him, I think of the white hair that sticks straight up no matter what you do to it.  Anyway, I decided to listen to the hair dresser and take her advice.  She said his hair would be much healthier and would grow faster if we trimmed some of the ends off.  It makes perfect sense.    So off to the hair salon we went.  Here is a picture of Greer's first hair cut and first sucker.  He finally learned how to eat a sucker without trying to take a bite out of it.

It is not the best quality picture since it was taken on my phone, but it will give you an idea.  Thank goodness for the sucker!  It kept him pretty distracted while the hair dresser did her best not to poke him with the scissors.  The "baby whisperer" (aka daddy) got the lucky job of holding Greer. 

While I am blogging I thought I would mention a few funny things Greer is doing right now...

-  We are trying to make teeth brushing a successful event each night.  We usually take turns brushing our teeth with him.  Greer certainly just likes to suck the toothpaste off and ask for "muh" (more).  I looked over the other day and saw him spitting his toothpaste out onto the carpet in our bedroom.  It did not dawn on me to let him spit in the sink like we do.  It amazes me how much he copies every little thing we do.   

-  I try to let Jeremy sleep in on Saturday mornings since he gets up at 4:50 during the week and works all day.  So basically, Greer and I get up together and play.  He knows Jeremy is still in bed and he wants so badly to wake him up.  I always tell him "shhhhh, daddy's still asleep".  So I get Greer out of bed this morning and he walks in the hallway and looks towards our bedroom and puts one finger up to his mouth and says "shhhhh".  Poor baby has his days mixed up and can't figure out when daddy is going to be home.  He now walks around saying "shhhhh" to me during the day sometimes too.    

- Greer has started to notice when I am chewing gum.  He will often just look at my mouth until he can see what is in there.  I threw my gum in the bathroom trash can this morning and look over and he has my already chewed gum FROM THE TRASH CAN in his mouth smacking on it like nobody's business!  I thought I was going to have a heart attack....from the fact that he could choke as well as the fact that it came from the trash can!  Ewwww!   

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day has always been such a cheesy holiday to me!  I have always felt like if someone needs a holiday to know someone else loves them, then something is not right.  Anyway, I have grown to love V. Day since teaching kindergarten and being around young well as having one of my own.  I think it brings the big picture into perspective and helps focus on the little things in life....such as friendship and love!  We opted to stay in this year and cook our engagement dinner that we had in Disney World....five years ago.  Where did that time go?  It is a shrimp and bruschetta ham pasta.  We always add chicken too.  It was actually a kid friendly meal considering Greer loves pasta of any kind usually.  Here are a few pics from our family date night in.  Wow how our Valentine's Day has changed...and I wouldn't trade a thing!
Greer's valentines we sent to the grandparents and aunts and uncles.  

Greer's valentines for school.  Of course we had to send bubbles.

On our way to school on Valentine's Day.

Greer eating lunch at school with his friends at All Saints.

Valentine fun with daddy!  

The balloon was the main attraction!

Teasing Hope with his new toy.

I see you!

We were so amazed that he knew how to move his hands up the string to lower the balloon where he could play with it.  We have not taught him that.  I was thrilled with his exploration that led to discovery!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sweet Boys!

 Jeremy and Greer have been getting some serious bonding time lately.  I noticed that every time I have gone to grab the camera lately, these two have been up to something cute.  Greer has been a momma's boy for a while now and is slowly but surely showing his true love for Daddy!  Here are a few of my favorite recent pics of these two boys.

Oh my!  This always scares me, but Greer seems to love it!

Jeremy and Greer snuggling in bed on a Saturday morning.  We still have not managed to get rid of the bottle.  Our plan is to make the bottles disappear soon!  Out of sight, out of mind....we hope!

Always wants to be like daddy!  Greer is finally showing interest in putting his own socks and shoes on.  He is also starting to put hats on and actually wears them for longer than two seconds.  

One of my favorites!  Greer really likes his picture books right now and loves pointing to different objects in the book and attempts to say what they are.  He seems to think that everything makes a noise.   I guess that comes from us making animal sounds all the time....LOL!

Greer insisted on playing with Jeremy's tie one day, so he let him put it on for fun.  
The tie didn't last long, but it was hilarious!

He wasn't as interested in the shoes.  

Greer is completely down to one nap now.  We dropped the morning nap for good about a month ago.  Some mornings are better than others, but all in all he seems to have adjusted well to one long(mostly)  nap.  On a good day he sleeps for 3 hours....other days are sometime an hour and a half.  I prefer the long nap obviously!  This is the only time I seem to get anything done.  This little boy is into everything.  From climbing on furniture to trying to open the outside door for Hope.....I am one busy mama!  Greer is approaching 18 months old.  Where did the time go?  
Still enjoying every second with him!

Friday, February 3, 2012


We are currently in a biting phase right now.!  Greer bit three times in one day at Mother's Day Out last week and has been biting us at home too.  It hurts so bad!  I was trying to count his teeth one day and he bit down on my finger.  It literally took my breath away.  We tell him "no" in a firm voice and he often laughs.  We are hoping the biting is due to teething, since it is unprovoked.  Praying those teeth come in soon if that is the case.  In the meantime we have been reading this book

and have been trying this.......


I laugh at myself as I am typing this because I do not know if either one are going to work.  I am going to die trying, because it is breaking my heart to see him not doing the right thing.  Greer actually showed remorse when I told him he had to sit in time out and that biting hurts.  Made me feel a little bit better about attempting this for the first time.  This will be the last picture I take of him in time out.  I am pretty sure he has learned that I grab the camera every time he does something that makes me happy.  As much as I was laughing inside as I took this picture, I did not want him to think I thought it was funny at all.  Wish us luck as we hurdle through this adventure.  This age is absolutely adorable, but is very difficult at times too!  It doesn't help that Greer has learned to tell us "no".  No one ever said parenthood was easy!