Saturday, January 31, 2015

Barret Comes to Visit

Jessica and Barret came to visit us.  Greer was more than thrilled to have his buddy come play for the weekend.  Barrett brought Greer this balloon toy and the boys played with it all weekend.  They eventually resorted to just playing with balloons.  Such cheap thrills at this age.  It was so nice and refreshing to spend the weekend with one of my dearest friends from college.  We talk and text all the time, but quality face time can't be beat!  I love that our boys are only a few weeks apart in age.  I miss her so much and am so thankful she drove to come see us!

cover your ears!

Making pizzas for dinner

Silly girl!

I don't know how their heads weren't hurting.  
They each had a balloon in their hand all weekend, unless they were asleep.  

Movie time...we watched Sleeping Beauty.

wants to do what the big boys do

S'mores by the fire

Having a blast on the trampoline.  Their facial expressions are priceless.

scrub that booty

Bath time fun

Until next time!  We miss you Barrett and Jessica!!  
Thank you for coming to visit.  

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Grandma Collins

Jeremy's Grandmother Collins passed away on January 14, 2015...just two short days after MeeMaw.  Such a trying time for Jeremy's mom and dad.  It literally happened within the same week.  Grandma Collins was one of the funniest ladies I think I have ever known!  She kept us in stitches most all of the time!  Her funniest story still remains the one where she talks about her husband being in heaven doing "hanky panky" with the angels.  It is way funnier in her authentic German accent.  She always had a smile on her face and an honest response to anything you asked her.  She made the world a brighter place and I feel blessed to have known her.  We went to Ozark to celebrate her life.   There was a sweet ceremony held at a small Catholic church in town.  We were able to see lots of family we do not get to see very often...Steven, Amy, Courtney, Debbie, Gordon, Andre, and of course Uncle Josh...we missed Aunt Aimee!!  Greer had so much fun playing in the yard with all the boys!

Grandma Collins

Uncle Josh and Mary Harper waking up Greer

Courtney and Mary Harper doing art together

Greer with the boys

Josh on the phone with Aimee!  We missed seeing her this time!

tracing Mary Harper's hand

This girl and her bubbles!

Greer loved Andre!

Monday, January 5, 2015


Mary Harper loves ketchup!  She finds the little containers we have from chick fil a meals that are never used and wants to eat the ketchup as a snack.  She has been known to dip her apples and anything she can find in her ketchup.  We are introducing peanut butter as a dip.  Now she is loves to dip anything.  
I'm thinking a splurge to The Melting Pot would be a hit with her!

These two are a mess together!  Greer still loving dress up and dramatic play.  They both play kitchen, dress up, and doctor.  He is all into community helpers right now.  

Movie Night was a hit!

Daddy and Greer shaving before church.  Santa brought Greer a Ninja Turtle shaving kit for Christmas.  
Sunday mornings seem to be the time he likes to shave.  He loves his daddy so much!

Mary Harper loves to find her daddy in the office and sit with him

Mary Harper loves to "cu-wer"...her new favorite!  
She will sit for a while and do this.  It makes me smile.  
I hope she loves arts and crafts as much as I did as a child and still do.  

Greer's Christmas list...I should have added to previous post:
"BA"....Bow and Arrow
"P"...Police car

Greer's track he created.  He still loves his car, trains, and planes.  
Keeping him little and all boy as long as I can!

found him reading in his room...happy mommy!

      This boy eating straight out of the tub.  He loves Nutella and would eat a "chocolate sandwich"  
       every day if I would let him.

working on some fine motor skills...scissors and glue

spunky monkey and her new pig tails...she might be a new person

she loves anything with a straw!