Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I am an artist!

So while we were getting ready for the homecoming game this weekend I made a sign to go along with the haystacks that said"UAB...we are not just a needle in a haystack!"  Cheesy, I know!  I just felt the need to be supportive of UAB other than just wearing green and gold.  So, in the process of painting I figured I would let Greer give it a go too!  Here is what he came up with.  Needless to say, it is hanging on the refrigerator.  I have to say I am constantly underestimating what children are able to do.  The painting session did not last long, but Greer was focused and enjoyed painting while it lasted.  Here are a few pics of his "masterpiece" as well as some fun pics from the Homecoming game.  Hoping and praying this was not UAB's last homecoming.  The UA board of trustees are giving our school a hard time about our on campus stadium and attempts to get a decent coach.  I am an Alabama fan at heart, but UAB is my alma mater and also where I met Jeremy.  Furthermore, it means a lot to our family!    

Concentrating so hard!


Greer and Barrett....literally "tailgating"

Greer and Claire

The whole crew.  If you can't win a game, you might as well tailgate right!

Greer's first kiss!  I think Abby is a little old for him, but he didn't seem to mind!  LOL!

Daddy and Greer hanging on with hope!

This year's family picture with Blaze.  Maybe it's a tradition!