Saturday, December 31, 2011

A visit to Children's Hospital

We decided to take Greer to Children's Hospital during the holidays to visit our favorite nurse, Jenny Ross!  She was the precious person who admitted Greer and took care of not only him but Jeremy as well when I was still in the hospital at S.V.  Jenny was like a mama hen to us all!  She was beyond patient with my husband who asked over a million questions daily!  She showed him and told him everything he wanted (and didn't want to know).  She took time with all of us and always made sure we were okay!   She even advised us to go home and take a break from "it all" at one point.  If Jenny said it, then it was true!  We learned quickly to trust her and believe her.  We also learned that the doctors had the same respect for her as well!  I cried and cried when we left the NICU to go room in with Greer, partially because I was thrilled about his progress, but also because I was so sad to leave Jenny.  I got so used to the great care she provided our whole family!  Below are some pictures of one of the best nurses I know!  We love her and will always hold a special place for her in our hearts!   She loved seeing Greer!  I am so glad we were able to go when she was at work.  I had called up at the NICU several times, only to learn that it was Jenny's off week!  Needless to say, I think she was a bit surprised when she came walking off the elevator and we were waiting outside the NICU for her!

Checking out Ms. Jenny!  

Of course we had to check out the Christmas trees on the way out!  Greer loved them!  

Riding in the wagon to the nicu.....and look who we saw.....

BrAyDen!!!!  One of Greer's NICU buddies!  I have been regretting not getting Brayden's mom's name ever since we were discharged.  She was always so sweet to check on us and had a smile that could light up a room!  Brayden just had surgery around Christmas time, but seems to be doing well!  So glad to see this sweet family!

Greer trying to "cheese" for the picture.

Friday, December 30, 2011

The MOST wonderful time of the year!

I love this time of year and struggle every year when it comes to an end!  I am already looking forward to next Christmas and making the most of every day until then!  We had a wonderful Christmas this year.  We stayed home (since Jeremy was on call) instead of traveling to Ozark on Christmas day and it made for a much less stressful holiday for us!  We always feel so rushed with both of our families, and this year we were able to spend lots of quality time with both!  Here is an overview of what Christmas was like for us this year.  Warning!!!!  There are lots of pictures....always my favorite part!

This was our Christmas card picture this year!  Don't know if I'll ever be able to top this one!  He was doing his touchdown pose, which also looked like he was praising God.  So.....that is what our Christmas card said, "Praise God from whom all blessings flow."  It worked out perfect and looked so sweet on the paper sack brown cards I found at Hobby Lobby.  

Here is Greer lining up his toys!  I love it!  One of his new things he does every now and then.  

Greer playing in one of the boxes!  

One of my favorite pics from this year!

Decorations for Jesus Birthday party!

Uncle Allen lighting Jesus' birthday cake!  A new tradition for our family!  
I hope Greer loves it as much as I do!

Greer getting ready to sing!  He is excited!  Check out the flames on the candles.  
I don't know if you can tell, but they were colored flames the same color as the and green of course!  

Taking communion at church.  Who else would take pictures in church but......Ji Ji!  LOL!

Greer checking out the nativity.....AND

decided he would be Baby Jesus one more time!  I was so embarrassed!  
(he was the Baby Jesus for  "A Night in Bethlehem" last year at our church)  

Such a cute picture!  

So they had a table where the children could choose what person or animal they would be from the bible.  Greer went to the animal table and picked up the lamb outfit.  I didn't actually think he would want to participate with the other children, but he made a "b line" to the front of the church with the other children.    

Here is my little ham!  We were laughing so hard....along with everyone else!  

Love this picture!

Ji Ji and Paw Paw at church with us.  Love the red!  

A family tradition!  Daddy reads The Night Before Christmas to us! 

And Santa came of course!  Greer was a good boy this year! 
(except we are working on not biting...which he usually only does when he is teething and not throwing his food at the dinner table....both are hard habits to break!)

Oh wow!!!!  

Kiss the Cook!!!!

Trying to make a phone call to invite some friends over for breakfast at "Chef Greer's"!

He loves his German spinning top

Little Explorer

Checking it all out!  So glad he doesn't fit inside this kitchen!

Greer's sippy cup (he looks like he is drinking coffee in his old man pajamas! Love it!)

And how could we forget Hope!  Sweet baby girl has taken a major backseat since Greer's arrival!

Hitting a snow ball off the tee ball set Uncle Allen gave me!  I am such a big boy now.  

Checking out the calendar Greer made for Paw Paw and Ji Ji

Relaxing from opening all my presents!

LOL!  Greer didn't know what to think!

Sweet boys!  

Loving the new train from Aunt Aimee and Uncle Josh

Aunt Aimee and Uncle Josh swinging with me!  I love them!  

Sleeping beauties.....Sweet brothers!  

And they decided to cuddle after they knew I was taking pictures

The spread from Jeremy's family.  Forgot to do this for my family.  Oh well!  I'll remember to do it next year.  I still love looking back at my present pictures as a child and reminiscing on the toys and things I was into at that age.  Some of the toys I played with are still around or they are making a comeback.  Can we say Hello Kitty!   

Jeremy's mom got us all matching shirts to take a family picture in.  Greer even matched us all.  It worked out perfect.  He looked like a little conductor when he drove his train all over the house that day!  

Gramps and Mi Mi with Greer

I love this picture!  Check out the ball in mid air.  Greer's new train shoots balls out when he presses the magic button.  He loves it!

We were blessed with wonderful friends and family to celebrate this wonderful time of year with!  Happy Birthday Jesus!
(Greer did learn to go to our nativity scene every time I asked him where the Baby Jesus was.  He also became very familiar with Santa.  Unfortunately, Santa is more often seen around town than Jesus' picture.    

Monday, December 19, 2011

All Stitched Up!

This child has been one clumsy baby lately!  He not only lives with a bruise on his forehead from bumping into everything, but he is now sporting stitches on his forehead from a fall on the playground at his Mother's Day Out.  The director came to get me the other day (right before our class party as well as Greer's class party).  She said he had fallen on the playground and may need stitches.    I went to see him and he definitely had a hole in the middle of his forehead from where a rock more than likely made its mark.  I rushed around to get him in the car and we headed to the wonderful Dr. Israel's office.  Luckily, she was able to stitch him up in the office so we would not have to wait hours in the ER.  My mom was also able to come to the rescue and help hold him down while they stitched him up.  Dr. Israel suggested I step outside.  It was probably a good idea!  We have certainly been through much worse, but nothing hurts more than watching your baby scream helplessly!  Of all days, of course this would happen on the day my mom was planning to come pass out cookies that we made for Greer's friends at his class party.  Poor baby!  I am just glad he is not old enough to know any different.  I know from teaching kindergarten, that young children never want to miss their class parties!  Here are a few pics from last week!  Oh...and Greer is now saying "shoes", "Ji Ji", and "deer".  Hmmmm!  Any guesses as to whose house he has been to lately?    

This is the night before his party(& stitches)...when we also went to visit Santa!  
Timing worked out perfect for pictures.  Kind of glad the stitches decided to wait a day!  

He wasn't as happy this year as last year.   Probably because this Santa did not seem very happy and did not smile very much!  How can you be Santa and not be happy!!!!  At least Greer was not terrified!  

The cookies for Greer's party.....that he never went to.  

After the visit to the doctor.  All the screaming wore him out!  Poor thing!  

And this is the day after!  Nothing keeps him down!  He is now obsessed with Jeremy's shoes too!  Love.This.Picture!