Saturday, February 28, 2015

Our sweet friends

These boys are precious!  They walked in holding hands with their babies.
Melt my heart!

Team work to build a fire

And this is how it always ends....
Mary Harper plays musical chairs and eats everyone's leftovers.

The whole crew

Some funny story telling in the works...Joe started off telling pirate stories and then out pops Jeremy with the dress up clothes and props.  I wish I had recorded the whole thing in stead of snapping a picture.  It's never a dull moment with these two dads are together.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

McCoy turns ONE!

The cutest little caterpillar turned one.  We made a trip to Birmingham to celebrate.  What a precious party Katelyn put together for this sweet baby boy.  My kids love McCoy!  I love watching them interact with him.  So much sweetness all in one weekend!

Katelyn coordinated the food with the sequence of the book....
"on Monday he ate through one apple" much awesome attention to detail! 

My mom did an amazing job with these precious balloons and tissue paper caterpillars..
Ji Ji puts the sweetest final touches on everything!

My favorite pjs in my kids' drawers right now...thanks to Gymboree clearance! 
I love them because they are Eric Carle hungry caterpillar and also because they match each other  

Emery and Mary Harper

the happy family
Gugga is so good to my babies!

sweet Baby Eli

Sweet girl with Nana

she isn't going to let this go to waste!

"McCoy, this is the good stuff!"

Sweet boy trying to be a big boy

the after party...

Precious gets to come!

Paw Paw and Mary Harper reading

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day

Mary Harper's art work...she did this by herself.  
I was so proud of her.  I've never told her to stay inside the lines.  We live outside the lines in our house.  Maybe she will be a little more of a rule follower.  Who knows!  
For now, I'm thrilled about the fact she loves to color!

Greer and Mary Harper's valentines to their teachers...
Starbucks to the rescue...and Wal-Mart for the picture valentines!

Valentine fun at school

My buddy

Mary Harper and Adeline...sweet friends

Sibling Love

Ms. Mariam reading a story to the class

Valentines from Mommy and Daddy...Pete the Cat for Greer

Mary Harper's first Blah Blah doll and a Llama, Llama book

Breakfast with my faves...
Daddy and Greer went to the store and came home with red velvet cupcakes and flowers 

Valentine's Dinner how our Saturday nights have changed.  
Wouldn't change a thing!

 I looked over and Greer was "reading" his new Pete the Cat valentine book.
He created his own version of the story, including words for every page.  My heart smiled!  
I'm just so thankful he is confident enough to pick up a book and make it his own story!