Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Night

We had a little Halloween pre-party at our house this year.  It was so much fun having dinner in the front yard with sweet friends!  The kids loved each other's company.  My favorite part of Halloween every year is helping my babies put on their costumes.  Greer goes into complete pretend mode when it comes to costumes.  He took his role of fire chief Greer pretty serious.  I love watching the magic through the eyes of a child!  Our golf cart was transformed into a firetruck this year....thanks to DADDY!  He seems to be so busy the week of Halloween but always finds a way to save the day and make it special for our babies!!

Somehow he found time to cook for the fireman on Halloween.  

The best we could come up with to coordinate with the kids

waiting for trick or treaters

getting the candy ready

There she is....Greer's dalmation

Greer signing a note to the firemen...thanking them for coming to his birthday party

Daddy getting his hair done...on fire

sweet Emily and Greer

Morgan and Mary Harper

the light going on top

The Halloween Tree

Greer and the scary fire chief

I wish I could say this was her first piece of candy...but she is the second child