Saturday, April 27, 2013

Visit to Atlanta

We went to Atlanta for a special weekend with Greer before his "Baby Sister" comes.  He certainly gets plenty of one on one time at home, but we thought it would be nice for all of us to get away and leave any distractions at home.  We had a wonderful time at Legoland, The Fork and Screen, and Ikea of course.  I cannot say we hit up any amazing restaurants this time.  We plan to save those for a weekend when it is just us.  Greer loved Legoland and that is all that really matters.  We were hoping for a little more, but now we've been there done that and know what to expect next time.  The Fork and Screen was a pleasant surprise.  I'll give credit to Jeremy for that one.  We found the only kid friendly movie playing, The Croods, and jumped on it.  We lucked up and had the entire movie theatre to ourselves.  It was so fun to order dinner and eat while watching a movie.  Greer was absolutely mesmerized.  This was our first movie to take him to see.  He has been before with Ji Ji, but not us.    

Such a big boy!

Building away with Daddy

Watching his cars fun for everyone!

Where's Greer?

Sunday, April 7, 2013

First Annual Masters Party

We decided to host our first annual Masters Party in celebration of such a fun week!  I had so much fun setting the table and preparing "Masters friendly" food!  We invited mostly people from Jeremy's work since we had yet to have everyone over since we moved in.  It rained most of the day, but we made the best of our time celebrating part of what makes Augusta so awesome!  

Thank you to my awesome neighbor Jenni for going "off road" on her golf cart to help me find some awesome flowers for the occasion!  It felt so nice to have fresh flowers everywhere!  I enjoyed them for days after!

Our golf monkey...He always pulls through for special occasions!

The sipping station...Arnold Palmers are a must!!

I couldn't pick a favorite!

Some of the children that came to play

The spread: pimento cheese sandwiches, pork loin, chips, moon pies from the tournament,  green jacket salad, baked beans, green beans, cake, and strawberry dessert

It rained, so the little ones had a picnic inside...
how funny that the boys are at the table and the girls are on the floor.  
It's actually because the boys are all younger, but it still looks funny to me!  

Greer has some major hat head going on!

Eating some cake

Playin' in the rain

Watching the green jacket ceremony

More neighbors and friends

Greer's putting green his daddy made just for him!  
What a lucky little boy he is!  

Soaking Wet!

The wet ones came in to get dry and play with trains

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Birmingham Visit

We had a wedding shower to attend in Birmingham that my parents were hosting at their house.  It worked out well that it was the weekend after Easter, so Greer and I rode back to Birmingham with my parents and stayed the week in Birmingham.  Jeremy drove over the next weekend for the shower and we rode back to Augusta with him.  It made it so easy just having one of our cars on the ride home.  It was so nice to get to hit up all my favorite shops and restaurants along the way.  Food was a huge priority this time!  We made it to Zoe's(for chicken roll ups and slaw), Taziki's(the one and only "Friday Special"), Edgar's(the best footprint cookies ever), Milo's(the best cheeseburger in town), OCarr's(the best chicken salad ever made and their award winning peanut butter milk shake), California Pizza Kitchen(for the amazing Tai salad), Newk's(for the Newk's favorite salad), and we just so happened to be home for the shower where mom and dad hosted the best southern bar b q accompanied with cheese grits, baked beans, cornbread salad, deviled eggs, and banana pudding.  Here are a few pictures from the week.  I didn't go camera crazy, but definitely captured some sweet moments.

It got too quiet for a two year old to be in the house....
and this is where I found Greer (he loves chocolate and gets it honestly!)

Barrett and Greer having a picnic together

Potty Time

I love Barrett's smile in this picture....
for some reason Greer thought it would be funny to tickle his ear

He's always snacking on something...
why do I gain weight from being a snacker and Greer cannot seem to gain enough.  Go figure!

The meat being prepared

Greer helping all the boys put out pine straw


This boy loves a straw!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Masters Week in Augusta

This was our first Masters Week in Augusta and will not be our last for sure!  It was such a treat to be here and experience all the hype!!  We lucked up and were able to share some last minute practice round tickets with a couple from Jeremy's work.  It was the best lunch date we have ever had together!!  Jeremy lucked up again and went to the tournament one of the days.  It was so exciting to see what has been hiding behind the bamboo at Augusta National.  It is not at all what you expect!  It is flawless nature at its best!  I took way.too.many pictures, so I am just picking my faves to post.  We were slightly bummed to miss Graeme McDowell at the practice rounds, but Jeremy lucked up and saw him at the tournament.  Jeremy gave him a big "Go Blazers" and Graeme turned and smiled back at him with a "Go Blazers" in return!  So exciting for a blazer fan like Jeremy!!

Our lunch....egg salad sandwiches, crackers, cookies, lemonade, and beer for the hubby
We stumbled across a few pimento cheese sandwiches at the next concession stand we came across

The awesome concessions....basic and cheap!

Jeremy waiting for Tiger to arrive while guarding our first round of souvenirs.  
We just happened to walk by the hole he was up to next.

Fred Couples and Tiger Woods...or as most people in Augusta call him "Cheetah" Woods

Best picture of them all....Amen Corner

This is what you call team work!

The most kegs I have ever seen in my life

Jack Nicklaus having dinner.....along with many other green jacket owners.
It was such a treat to stay and see these older men walking to dinner in their winning attire!

We got a wave goodbye as we were leaving

This is what the practice round tickets looked like.
The tournament badges were a little bit more fancy.
We were so blessed to be able to experience our first year in Augusta.  
I hope it can become a tradition for us!  I am not so sure we will be as lucky next year.