Saturday, May 31, 2014

Uncle Allen's Wedding

Uncle Allen and Aunt Katelyn's wedding has come and gone.  It seemed like yesterday, he was at the lake proposing...the same weekend we were preparing to have Mary Harper.  Well now she is one and Mccoy is four months old.  Where did time go?  Here is a recap of the weekend.  Everything went smoothly and was beautiful.  Our whole family was pretty much in the wedding.  Greer rode his tricycle down the aisle as the ring bearer and Jeremy and I carried Mary Harper down the aisle together.  Such a sweet moment for our family!  My mom did an amazing job at the rehearsal dinner, of course!  Looks like something straight out of a if I expected any less.  The personalized growlers were a hit... and made great favors for the family.  Her attention to details almost rivals Disney!
Thomas trains for being in the wedding!

The Hostesses with the Mostess!

One of my faves...their little family

Covered in babies

The groomsman

Sweet Jessica! 

Greer scoping out the cake

The precious Deckbar family

Sweet cousins(Lilly and Madison)

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Destin Beach Trip

Mi Mi and Gramps were headed to Destin and invited us to join them.  It's quite a trek to get there with little ones, but they did the best they could and we made the most of our time together in the car.  This is by far our favorite beach.  The sand and the water are always perfect!  One of my favorite memories from this trip was taking Greer to the sand bar in the kayak.  He and his daddy are always doing something active and adventurous.  I decided to tag along for part of their ride and it was such a special time out in the ocean for both of us with Greer.  Maybe the beach will not be quite as much work the next time we go.  Getting two young ones to the beach as well as their belongings every day is pretty involved.  For now, I am going to enjoy the sweetness of watching Mary Harper dip her tiny toes in the water and put her plump hiney in the sand!
Our setup

Still unsure about the sand

Daddy showing Greer how to ride the waves

My little outdoorsman

SO much fun out in the ocean at the sand bar.  
We found tons of sand dollars and saw several dolphins!

Going in for the big one!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Last Day Wesley 3's

I'm having a hard time believing the three's have almost come and gone and that Greer will be in pre-k in the fall!  This sweet picture of him in a jon jon and red keds just!  We had a great year with Ms. Kelly and Ms. Kim.  Wesley has proven to be an overall good experience for Greer.  He loves school and his friends, but still loves his days at home with his mommy and baby sister!  I'm not sure that is ever going to change.  At least I hope not.  Greer's teachers invited the parents to come see the class sing a few songs to conclude the school year.  Greer was quite shy at first and then opened up to his normal excited self and put on a little bit of a silly show(facial expressions included).

How is this true?!?