Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fall Fun

This was a very exciting fall for it was Mary Harper's first time to experience these traditions and festivities with us.  What a sweet and easy going little girl she is proving to be these days.  And big brother Greer is still just as proud of her as the day she was born.  Such sweetness we are surrounded by with these children!  Here is Greer's fall farm party at school...the one party I will help with this year, so I made sure to bring my camera.  Supposedly, he doesn't act like this at school, so I'm guessing the camera prompted him to be the little ham we know him to be.

Cutest farmer i know!

This picture was like herding!


Halloween sorting....anything to give us something to do during these long days at home.  

Getting ready for dress up day at school the week of Halloween

Sweet Micah playing with Greer

Treats for school..."Bugs and Kisses"

Love this!  He was SO excited about his costume this year!!

Our little piglet

and I bring to you the amazing....BuZz MoBiLe!  
Thanks to an awesome husband and dad!  
Jeremy pulled this one together last the night before. 
We had all the materials, but it made for a late night.
I wasn't into until I saw the wings...then it was all over.  
My mom of course saved the day with the final touches and attention to detail...
hence the fire on the back and the signs hanging on the cart.
I bet you can't guess what is in the cooler of the "buzz" mobile!?! 
Gotta keep it real sometimes!  

We found a costume for everyone!  My favorite family costume yet!

Those little boots were hanging so sweetly...
love these boys to infinity and beyond!

This may have been the ONLY smile we saw at the fair this year.  Greer was absolutely terrified of the rides.  I'm not really sure how I was able to capture this moment...or even get him on the ride to begin with.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Month By Month

- weighing 9 pounds, 12 ounces
- 21 inches long
- came out screaming
- born with a head full of dark hair!

ONE Month Old...
- eats, sleeps, poops(seedy and very often...almost every diaper)
- very alert
- makes sweet animal like squeals
- wakes up every 2-3 hours
- gas smiles (I like to pretend they are on purpose!)
- nursing well...very efficient actually
- loves her orange paci from the nicu
- first signs of baby acne on face and baby rash on tummy
- bobs head a lot...actually did this the day she was born and scared me to death(we have had to be very careful with holding your head against our chest when we hold you)
- loves her swing
- loves being held
- does NOT like being swaddled
- dark hair and dark eyes
- wearing size 1 diapers(sniff, sniff)
- wearing lots of mommy's baby clothes
- loves black and white baby book with contrasting pics
- has strong grip

TWO Months Old...
- loves to swing
- smiles on purpose
- still wearing lots of mommy's baby clothes
- loves music
- loves watching the tv and ceiling fan
- grips paci with her hand and can manipulate it in her mouth
- wore your first hair bow

THREE Months Old...
- showing more personality
- wearing size 2 diapers
- appears to be losing some hair on the sides and the back
- starting to be giggly
- loves interacting with her big brother...smiles at him the most
- wants to roll over and attempts sometimes
- sat in the boppy for the first time...not really ready for it though
- beginning to grip objects
- grabbing at objects
- went to the nursery at the gym for the first time
- pulling objects to her face and often into her mouth
- loves sucking on her fingers
- wants to roll over really badly

Look how long these babies are getting!

FOUR Months Old...
- 25.5" long
- 14.6 pounds
- 17 inch head circumference
- soft spot larger than normal at this time, but is hopeful to close over time
- great tone overall
- opening hands and grabbing for objects
- rolling over now!
- pushing up on warms when on stomach
- began sleeping in her own bed at night at the end of her third month...thanks to Ji Ji

FIVE Months Old....
- rolls over on both sides and back over onto stomach
- laughs hysterically at her brother
- making "rasberries"...spitting bubbles
- thinks her brother is hilarious...even when he is being naughty!

Six Months Old....
- weighs 16 pounds, 10 ounces(59%)
- 26.5 inches long
- 17.5 inch head circumference
- received third set of shots
- loves her taggy blanket...and anything with tags
- LOVES to eat!  So far, she has eaten bananas, sweet potatoes, peas, and oatmeal/rice cereal
- stares blankly at us at the dinner table when we say the blessing...loves to hold our hand though!
- a tooth seems to be on the verge...lots of drooling and chewing.on.everything
- transfers toys and improving hand/eye coordination
- sits with support pretty well
- loves her bed...but will not quite sleep through the night yet
- the rolls on your sweet legs are filled with love!
- soft spot is still pronounced...3 fingers wide

SEVEN Months Old...
- FIRST TOOTH on January 15th!
- two teeth have come in on the bottom
- on the verge of crawling...
     you are practicing by sitting on your knees and hands and rocking back and forth
-  everything goes in your mouth(as you can see above!)
- beginning to crawl fairly well...progressed since last week when i wrote two sentences above that she is starting to crawl
- pulling up on couch and Greer's dump truck
- standing in crib....we had to drop it one level...she is still standing in her crib when I come to get her in the mornigs...and sometimes pulls herself up and cannot get back down, so she screams histerically
- tender hearted baby....daddy sneezed the other day and she cried so he truly hurt her little feelings.....i walked in her room the other day to tell her to lay down and not stand up in her crib and she started squalling, because I scared her...bless!  i love this sweet girl!

EIGHT Months Old:
- still dainty and sweet but coming out of her shell
- loves magazines for toys...always crawls to them and chews on them...we have to hide anything made of paper.  Thank goodness for Indestructible books
- waves bye bye and says "bye bye"...waves immediately when she sees someone or when we go get her up from nap time
- easy going demeanor...such a blessing for our family right now
- loves to let mommy dress her up...she can often be found going through her clothes in her closet

NINE Months Old:
-  28 inches long
- 17.11 and a half pounds(50th percentile)
- standing briefly without support
- attempts to sneaks up the stairs...and can actually climb and successfully make it to the top.  SO SCARY!
- loves her brother and adores everything he does
- soft spot on head is improving and slowly growing together
- still eating baby food but really wants to eat everything brother eats
- started eating yo baby yogurt and loves it

TEN Months Old:
- went on her first trip to DISNEY LAND!
- still such a happy girl...smiles a lot and is easy to sooth
- mommy's girl right now, but gets really excited when daddy gets home
- kicks and squeals when excited
- loves shoes!  Goes to the shoe basket in our foyer every day and often tries to put them on her feet

ELEVEN Months Old:
- Prefers to eat what we more baby food for this baby(just "yo baby" yogurt)
- very vocal and animated
- loves to push toys around: grocery cart, baby stroller, vtech sit to stand toy
- cruising, walls, anything she can hold onto

TWELVE Months Old:
- 30 1/2 inches long
- 18.15 pounds
- 18 3/4 head circumference
- took first steps the week before her birthday and is attempting to get around everywhere
- LOVES straws and wants to drink Greer's juice boxes
- squeals/screams until she gets her way sometimes
- eats everything in sight...if its edible she wants it
- hair is getting lighter and lighter....almost blonde
- makes kissy face on demand
- words: ma ma, da da, bubba, na na, dat
- has 5 teeth...6th one came in on her birthday
- bites occasionally...constant teething I think
- says ma ma a lot!  
- pretends to talk on the phone
- still sits in her bouncy seat for at least 10 minutes
- loves dog food...we can't keep her away from it
- still has the most pitiful pouty face
- loves to draw on the etch n sketch
- loves magazines!!  I have to keep them put away so she doesn't eat them
- walks wobbly and sideways
- little climber....loves to climb and sit in chairs like her big brother
- very chatty...I wish I could speak baby language!

This sweet outfit was mine when I was little.  My great grandmother(Maw Maw) made it for me.  My name use to be on here, but I pulled it out and a sweet friend(Margaret Cosby) hand stitched Mary Harpers name on it for her to wear for her birthday.  I am so glad I didn't leave it in a drawer.  Mary Harper just gives this special outfit more meaning!