Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

We made the best of Memorial Day, even though deep down I really wanted to be at the lake with my family!  It is tradition and I am not a fan of breaking tradition.  I have realized quickly that some things are going to have to change temporarily while we are here.

Loves his sunglasses!

Dancing with Daddy at the Evan Town Center Park

The fireworks are too loud daddy!

Picnic at the lake 

Hope walking Greer, although Greer seems to think he is walking Hope.  
Makes me laugh every time!

Greer finding shells at the beach area

Hope found a stick of course

Showing his patriotism!  

The boys found a frog in the pool.  

Greer and his buddy "Looch" (Luke) eating Pirate's Booty at our Memorial Day picnic at the pool.  
Wishing I had taken more pictures.  I started raining and so I put the camera away.  The rain didn't stop these boys from swimming though.  

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ji Ji and Paw Paw come to visit!

Smile!!!!  I was so happy for my parents to come visit!  Especially my dad, since mom had already seen it and helped us pick out this house.  The weekend she went house hunting with us, she actually very subtly refused to look at any other houses after she saw this one.  Sometimes moms are right.  We had a wonderful weekend together, as it was Mother's Day too!  Here is an overview of our time with one another.  We stumbled across The Riverwalk while they were here.  So glad we did!  We enjoyed lunch at the Mexican restaurant right there and picked up some fresh veggies at the riverwalk market.  Did I mention the weather was perfect too!  I hope Ji Ji and Paw Paw plan to come back real soon!

Greer giving Ji Ji her mother's day gift

Reading with Paw Paw

Smelling a gardenia.  Thank goodness we are still in the south!  

Looking at the water with Daddy.  We really enjoyed Riverwalk.

Such a fun way to spend a Saturday!  We will be back!

Holding hands with Ji Ji....and his sucker of course!

And the "choo choo" came.  
Greer was so excited and was not at all expecting this!

It was so close to us.  Made me a little nervous.  

Family meal on the patio.  

Loving his corn on the cob....just like his mommy!

Greer packed up his Mother's Day gifts to me in his buggy.  So sweet!  

Sweet boy!

I love this boy!

There is always this pose when Paw Paw is around.  
I think we have at least five pictures just like this!  Love it!  

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Farewell for now....see you real soon!

Mom and Dad hosted a fabulous farewell gathering at their house for us!  It was delightful and perfect! I will let the pictures speak for themselves, but of course my mom thought of every detail....down to the toy she gave Greer to play with at the party.... a set of toy golf clubs.  We enjoyed a wonderful evening with special friends....old and new and of course our families!  The weather was great, the food was delicious, and most of all we were able to enjoy a wonderful weekend in "Sweet Home Alabama"!

The spread


The whole family

I think Mike wants a baby

Opening his sweet gift from Mike & Julie

Calton and Greer playing golf

Greer and Calton and their mommys

Deer Valley friends!

Katelyn and Stinky

Jeremy and Joe catching up....missing sweet Melissa!

The Love Birds

Alpha Gam Girls

Good times with good friends!

Greer and Emmaline's kiss.....highlight of the night

Sweet Sue

Ella is giving Jeremy baby fever


Falling asleep while drinking his bottle

The morning after....Greer is sad about leaving