Saturday, January 26, 2013

Construction Site...

 that is basically what our back yard is right now.  We knew this day would come when they would cut down our view to build more houses.  That's what builders have to do to make a living.  I get it.  However, removing every tree in sight is not what I consider a desirable view for anyone.  No one asked what I thought before they did the big demolition!  I assumed they would follow their master plan and leave the strip of trees behind our house they told us about.  Assuming a builder will do anything he says, only does one thing....makes a sucker out of me!!  Anyway, Greer on the other hand is thrilled about this project.  Every day there are huge pieces of construction equipment moving and grooving along just past our fence.  They are even nice enough to park the equipment next to our fence every night.  I know they did that just for Greer.  Not really, but I just tell myself that to keep from getting fired up!  Here are a few pics of Jeremy and Greer playing.  Surely they will not mind us using their equipment for a few props.  I mean, they have only woken us up at the crack of dawn for the last MONTH!  Happy Saturday morning from the tractor, bulldozer, excavator, and dump truck.  Not to mention the many 18 wheelers that have come by to drop off building supplies before the sun is even up.  I'm not bitter at all!  Here's to making the best of the situation.  Somehow, Greer always seems to help me in these type situations.  Amazing how a two year old can quickly put things into perspective!


Saturday, January 12, 2013


Nothing makes this boy more happy than to be right in the middle of the tracks!  He is all about trains.  He plays with them every day and often sleeps with one or two trains at bed time.  He is thoughtful enough to pick a different train every time.  I love how he is willing to try something new.  They each have their own name, and he knows them all by heart.  It's the little things!