Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's "hot"

"Hot" is one of Greer's new favorite words.  I always tell him when things are hot, like my coffee or the oven.  I picked up a hot pan holder for him the other day at Michael's and now he likes to look in the oven while dinner is cooking and tell me it's "hot" about ten times in a row.  It is one of the cutest things he has done and it just makes me smile.  He is mimicking everything we do right now, which is kind of scary!  Here he is going to be "Chef Greer" and check on dinner for us!   

Dinner must have been really yummy!!!!!  

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

 We spent our New Year's Eve at Kim and Jason's house this year.  It was a much needed, low-key, relaxing evening....and kid-friendly too.  The kid-friendly part seems to be a tradition since Greer was born.  It works great, because I do not know if I could actually stay up until midnight if I tried!  Having a baby has taken a toll on my bedtime for sure.  Tony and Jason provided the meat from their green eggs and the rest was mostly kid friendly, but yummy foods.  Here are some pics from the evening.  

Greer insisting that Jemma take her paci!  

Loving him some Abby!  

Now it's his turn to push.  He wants to be a big boy so badly!

All the kids piled up on Kim!   

Toasting to the new year....with white grape juice of course!

Cheers to my favorite little man!

Daddy and Greer on the mini tramp!  So cute!  Greer loved jumping!

And the daddies!  Jeremy missed the memo to wear shorts, even though it was 40 degrees outside! LOL!