Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas in North Carolina

We headed to Josh and Aimee's the day after Christmas to celebrate with Jeremy's family.  This was my first time to visit them since they moved to their new home. We had such a wonderful time.  They are such wonderful hosts.  The boys were able to go watch UAB play basketball while the girls shopped.  We found some yummy restaurants and I even bought some Annie Sloan paint for the first time.

Taking a break from opening presents

the endless box of dresses for Mary Harper...Aunt Aimee outdid herself...and has the best taste too!

in a race

Mary Harper loves Josh!

such a big girl

Greer got a Ninja cup he was so excited about

Josh surprised Aimee with a plane ticket to see her sister Jenni when her baby is born

the never ending box of boxes

wearing mommy's shoes

silly girl

Drums from Mi Mi and Gramps


wishbone time

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas in Augusta

Making reindeer cookies 

Its not a success without a mess

Our first baby

Jingle came down with the stomach bug like Greer and Mary Harper

Coffee Talk with Ji Ji...these two are a mess!

Mary Harper decided she wanted to go potty

Christmas morning

Mary Harper wants to crawl again like a baby

Please!  Can we please open just one present?

quite possibly one of his favorite gifts...a policeman costume

Three gifts from Mommy and Daddy(our tradition)
1. an ornament(firetruck for Greer, rag doll for MH)
2. new pajamas(firetruck for Greer, pink for MH)
3. a book/movie(Jesus coloring book for Greer, VegeTales movie for MH)

reading The Night Before Christmas

Greer wanted...Firtruck mater, a bow and arrow, and a riding toy
Mary Harper wants and loves everything at this age.  
Her boots might be her fave.  She wears them all the time...rain or shine.


Jingle's last appearance

Watch out for this officer

Sweet boys taking care of the baby

Dad whipped up some mickey shaped biscuits