Thursday, November 27, 2014


We split Thanksgiving this year and went to see both families.  It was hard leaving my family Thanksgiving Day, but worked out this year since Ji Ji ended up with the stomach bug.  We were able to see lots of sweet friends and family.  Both are always a good reminder to count our blessings!  We have a lot of them to be thankful for!  
Really thankful for this picture!  This was our tailgate group at the last UAB football...ever.  
Well, I am saying ever, but we are hoping and praying a miracle pulls through for The Blazers.  This is our alma mater and we love UAB.  I want our children to continue growing up and going to their games.

This is what nap time at Ji Ji's looks like...the prince on his throne

My kids act like they have never seen trees...oh wait!  They kind of haven't.  
We don't have a view like this at our house any more.  insert sad face here!

Sticky note galore...getting ready for Christmas

Sweet Erin came by to see the kids.  We miss her so much!

All the grandkids

This girl and her bottle  

Greer makes his cuddling rounds when we are at Ji Ji and Paw Paw's house

Greer's place card at Mi Mi's

Sweet Mee Maw

Aunt Aimee and Greer

Logan and Greer playing football and making such sweet memories!  
I loved watching these two boys play together.  Greer adores Logan so much!!


Greer wanted to do everything Logan sweet!

Uncle Josh with the main dish

Mee Maw with her new gown from the kids

Getting PaPaw ready to go back to the nursing home.
So thankful to spend the afternoon with Jeremy's sweet grandparents!

Game Day ready

Team Work with ramps!   Loving moments like this!!

We watched the Iron Bowl while we put up our Christmas Tree....a sweet family day!

Our Elf, Jingle, is back and ready to help Greer countdown to Christmas with a new Lego Advent Calendar.