Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mary Harper's Nursery

 One of my favorite parts of the nursery.  These dresses each tell a story!  The top two were mine when I was a little being an Easter dress.  The bottom dress is a flower girl dress from our wedding(my aunt was kind enough to share it with us for Mary Harper).  I fell in love with the fabric and had someone make the flower girl dresses using this print.  The colors in this fabric inspired all the different colored sashes for the bridesmaids in our wedding. 


Sweet poem passed down from Jeremy's mom to me when Greer was born...
Now passed onto Mary Harper
This was handmade by Jeremy's Great Grandma Birkhead

A glimpse of my doll collection from when I was a little girl..
most of the dolls are Madame Alexander dolls that were given to my from Grandoll

Nursery Rhymes are a must in every nursery!

Greer's bumper pad we were able to use again.  
It has his monogram on one side and Mary Harper's on the other side.

"Mary Harper Haswell"

The mirror that I fell in love with very shortly after we found out we were having a girl.  
It is a little bit of vintage and a hint of gaudy.  I love it!!

Mary(aka Grandoll) when she was a little girl

pieces of Grandoll(Mary Harper's name sake) scattered throughout

My going home outfit that Mary Harper also wore home from the hospital

The pictures hanging above the dresser were given to me from Nana

Sweet Hope...our first baby....trying to find her place in the world.  Poor thing!

And once's the special lady behind the sewing!  So thankful that she is able to use her God given talents for my children.  I think it makes the bedding so much more special!

Visit to Ozark

It has been quite a while since we visited Ozark, so we decided it was a good long weekend for us to go see J's family and especially visit with the grandparents...since we do not see them much at all.  We have seen Jeremy's parents lots...thank goodness they are willing to travel and come see us.  It is much easier for them to visit than for us to pack up two little ones and all their belongings for several hours in the car.  We had a wonderful weekend with family and spending time in Jeremy's hometown.  I love going back to where he is from!  It makes me love him more and more.  I love the simple life he lived growing up out in the beautiful country, while playing in the yard and doing good ol' boy stuff with his friends.  I love that Greer is getting to see and do some of these things now too.  These pictures are mostly from the time we spent visiting the nursing home.  It always saddens me to see his grandparents' health declining, but I am also so happy for Jeremy to have living grandparents from both sides who have lived long enough to know and love our children.  I would give anything for Grandoll and Paw Paw to know our family of four.  Oh the tears!

Mee Maw was so thrilled to see us.  We brought a bottle so she could feed Mary Harper.  
Holding a baby seemed to make her day.  
She is such a sweet and lovely lady who is always a joy to be around!  

Pa Paw and Jeremy

I love this man!  He has never been too cool to do anything...that is only one of the hundreds of reasons why I love him.  Here he is doing laundry with his grandmother.  I hope Greer grows up to be half as awesome as his daddy!  That is still setting the standard pretty high in my opinion!  I feel blessed to know him as a husband and father to our babies!  

I love this picture!  Grandma Collins is so happy and looks so dainty in her colorful gown and pretty pink fingernails.  It was so good to see her.  I do miss her feisty ways!  She always keeps us laughing!

Such a sweet picture!

Greer and Jeremy playing on the playground Jeremy helped build while he was in high school.  

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mary Harper's Visitors

We were blessed with so many sweet friends and family who went out of their way to make this experience so special for us!  Here are some(not all) the pics of people who came to visit us during Mary Harper's arrival.

Personalized cookies for Mary Harper's guests

The guest table

The Barnett Family

Sweet Amanda

The Saunders Family

some of the children

The precious stork from the Todd Family...what would we do without them!!!

Ji Ji & Paw Paw

Mi Mi and Ji Ji 

Mi Mi and Gramps

Aunt Katelyn and Uncle Allen 

The Jones

Uncle Josh and Aunt Aimee

There are so many pictures I didn't get.  We were so tied up in the moment when people came by.  I did the best my pregnancy brain would let me do.