Saturday, March 28, 2015

Church Egg Hunt

We spent a fun Saturday morning at our church Easter egg hunt.  It was a cold morning but with beautiful blue skies.  It had rained and rained the day before, so the grounds were wet.  The kids of course didn't mind one bit.  Each child was given a sheet of paper to find the coordinating colored egg. Greer played along well, Mary Harper on the other hand picked up any and every egg she saw.  

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Bulldogs Soccer 2015

Soccer season came and went.  We decided to try something different and play for the YMCA.  It was a lot more exciting to play on grass than inside a gym.  Lots of sweet memories packed into this small season.  Greer has grown and changed so much since the first season he played.   He is listening more attentively, following directions better, and playing better overall.  He was actually scoring goals this year....usually at least one per game.  There was a lot less rolling in the grass and staring at the birds in the sky.  I said less, so there was still a little bit of silliness.  Jeremy coached again, which I always love.  I think it is such a special time for him and Greer and I hope they both hold onto these memories forever!  Mary Harper was the loyal little sister as much as she could be.  Poor girl just wants to play soccer with the team.  She does not know her size or age.  

Greer running in the background

One of my favorite pics of was taken on my cell phone, but it is such a good action shot.  I love his wavy hair and the spunk in his eyes.  This boy was ready to score some goals!

The end of season treats from Greer.  
It's amazing what vinyl will do to a water bottle from the dollar section at Target.    

A few of the teammates.  

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Jeremy's Bday

Daddy turned 33 this year!  Jeremy and I enjoyed a nice dinner together(without children) but I thought it would be fun to let our children whip up some fun for him too.  We made cupcakes and decorated with balloons and streamers and even made a homemade card.  It's sweet moments like this I want to hold on to forever!  

Side about the mismatched Halloween pjs and Christmas pjs in March.  
Just keepin it real over here!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Greer in the Hat

Ji Ji was in town to help while I had some dental work done, so she was able to help Greer get ready for Dr. Seuss' bday.  He made Green eggs cupcakes from the book Green Eggs and Ham.  Obviously there were no green eggs involved, but with a child's imagination, it sure did look like it.  We had a fun time getting him ready for the big day at school.  I love this boy and his willingness to play along with all the fun dress up days!  



working on a thank you note in costume

I couldn't get enough of the cuteness this day!  
He even let me draw the whiskers on his face.  Love him!