Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Greer turns FIVE!

The idea of this boy taking up a whole hand full makes me sad!  I am so proud of him and how much he has grown and matured.  I feel like I have spent so much of his childhood worrying about him and God has proven me wrong every time! He is so healthy and happy and has a heart of gold.  He may not always behave his best at home, but I see him at school and in public and he makes me so proud!  Such a little gentleman with the sweetest heart and best manners.  He is so thankful for everything, even his baby sister!  He may play rough and act all boy at times but he is so kind and thoughtful to others.  He is my little hostess and helper and I am so thankful for him!  We made the choice to keep him in preschool another year and do a half day kindergarten program.  It has really given him a chance to shine and feel confident.  I almost lose my breath thinking about sending him to big school next year, so for now I am enjoying every moment with my favorite FIVE year old!  These are the days I want to drop his sister off at school and spend the day with him!  Time is flying and it is not easy to let go!  
Greer's party was at Home Depot this year.  Each child made a wooden minion scooter.  It was such a sweet party.  I loved looking around and seeing all the families work together with their children.  

helping get ready for his party

the toddler table

I didn't have the heart to tell sister to scoot out of the pics.
She was just as excited about Greer's party as him!

Gramps helping Greer make his minion scooter

crayons are sure to keep these girls busy

The Polchas

work in progress!

The Windoms

The Martinos

The Crosbys

Paw Paw helping Greer

The Edmondsons

The Putnams

The Hodges

The Saunders

Men at work!

My favorite birthday boy!

Jaime with our babies

Headed home after the birthday fun

Team Work

Greer with all of his new toys...one blessed little boy!