Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Year in Review

A year has already passed since Greer was born and I can hardly believe it!  So much of Greer's first year is fresh on my mind like it happened yesterday, and some parts seem so far away, probably because I subconsciously put those memories way back in my mind.  Here is an overview of what this year brought to our family.  This year has definitely been a learning experience from being blindsided by Greer's birth to all we have learned (AND are still learning) about being parents.  Needless to say, I may have some gray hairs underneath this blonde!

Greer's First Month....
Greer spent the first month (and then some) fighting for his life at Children's Hospital.  We praise God for bringing Greer here and allowing him to survive through what looks like on paper... a baby impossible to save.  This is why he truly is a miracle.  The odds were against him given the amount of meconium he aspirated as well as being born in a facility that had no care to offer.  The only reason he even had an apgar score is because he had a heartbeat.  Other than that, it would have been zero.  Our biggest struggle the first month once he was taken off ECMO, was getting Greer to eat....AND keep it down without spitting up.  Who doesn't like food?  It seemed so crazy to us that the last three weeks of our hospital stay consisted of us teaching Greer how to eat and nurse.  Thank goodness for patient nurses, because we were beyond frustrated!  I will never forget getting to hold Greer for the first time when he was a little over two weeks old.  That is a moment a mother longs for and holds on to forever!  Taking our sweet baby home is right up there with holding him.  We were scared to leave Children's Hospital, but were so ready to bring him home where he belonged!  The first month of Greer's life was definitely the hardest one yet, but it is also one that I am so thankful for!  We learned a lot about ourselves, but mostly about God and how amazing his plan truly is!

- Greer is born weighing 7 pounds 14 ounces and is 21 inches long
- Greer is weighing in at 8.11 pounds and 22 1/2 inches long at his first appointment with Dr. Israel

Greer's Second Month...
This month brings back so many wonderful memories:
  • We are finally home from the hospital!
  • Fall was approaching, so Greer and I spent most mornings in the park going for walks.  
  • He came home almost sleeping through the night, but we are still getting up with him once and occasionally twice at night.  
  • Greer finally learned to nurse!  
  • Greer is up to 10.2 pounds and is 23 1/2 inches long and receives his first vaccines
  • We are keeping the baby acne away with Dr. Israel's suggested ointment mix
  • Greer was circumcised at Children's Hospital ...all went as well as it could!
  • Greer had his first photo shoot and did great.  He only slept for 3/4 of the time!  LOL!
  • Greer loves a morning nap on mommy's bed!  Three hours is a good day for him!  
  • We see Greer smile for the first time!  A face you can never forget!  

Greer's Third Month....
  • Greer celebrated his mommy and daddy's three year anniversary in Savannah for his first vacation
  • Greer went to his first Alabama Game Tailgate... where he makes his first tv appearance during the Alabama-Auburn game
  • Greer celebrated his first Thanksgiving (giving us all lots to be thankful for!)
  • Still spitting up A LOT!  I should have spent more money on bibs than the dozens of outfits I bought!
  • Mommy went back to work and Greer started staying with Ms. Carrie and Catherine (his new bff)
  • Greer is finally up to 5 ounces of milk at each feeding and has the hiccups often

Greer's Fourth Month....
  • Greer weighs 12 pounds and is 24 3/4 inches long
  • Greer is introduced to rice cereal and gets his 2nd round of vaccines
  • Greer still has cradle cap from when he was born
  • Greer is reaching for toys-especially loves keys
  • Any cell phone with buttons will cure Greer's crying!
  • Greer does not like tummy time, but we do it any way
  • Greer is rolling back and forth
  • Does not like to nap for Ms. Carrie
  • Very talkative....has so much to say!  We wish we knew baby language
  • Greer meets Santa and loves him....especially his beard
  • Greer is the Baby Jesus at A Night in Bethlehem at our church

Greer's Fifth Month.....
  • Greer enjoys his first taste of baby food!  He loves it!  Can't you tell!   
  • He mostly eats homemade baby food:  apple sauce, carrots, sweet potatoes, and baby cereal w/ bananas
  • Greer rolls over for the first time
  • Greer had his first double ear infection
  • Greer is pretty much done with his paci for good!

Greer's Sixth Month....
  • Greer weighs 14.3 pounds and is 27 inches long
  • Greer receives his 3rd round of vaccines and is given the go ahead for stage 2 foods
  • Greer enjoys his first snow!
  • Greer loves rolling over....and over and over!
  • Greer is making lots of high pitch sounds
  • Greer is sitting up
  • Greer loves interacting with other children
  • Greer's ECMO follow up appointment
  • Greer spends his first Spring Break at the beach on Ono Island....where he gets his FIRST tooth!

Greer's Seventh Month...
  • Greer's 2nd tooth comes in
  • Greer celebrates his first Easter
  • Greer is sitting up on his own
  • Greer LOVES to swing in his new swing on our front porch!
  • Greer loves to play with plastic Easter eggs

Greer's Eighth Month...

  • Greer gets tubes to help with the hearing loss he has in one of his ears
  • Greer took cover during the April 27th tornado in the parking garage of SOHO.  God kept us safe! 
  • Greer celebrates his first Mother's Day! 
  • Greer is crawling...he crawled for the first time on Mother's Day!  
  • Greer loves to play peek a boo 
  • Greer gets another tooth
  • Greer goes swimming in a pool for the first time!  He LOVES the baby pool!  He gets to practice walking around in the shallow water
  • We moved Greer's crib down 4 inches....this makes me sad!  
  • Greer is sitting up from laying down in his crib
  • Loves to clap!
  • Greer is scared of little dogs, but seems to love our 70 pound dog
  • Greer loves to drink from a your drink if he is around
Greer's Ninth Month...
  • Greer weighs 16.9 pounds and is 28 inches long
  • Greer receives his 4th round of vaccines
  • Greer gets in the Lake Mitchell for the first time
  • Greer goes to Uncle Josh and Aunt Aimee's wedding at Orange Beach
  • Greer gets to go back to the beach a week later at Fort Morgan, AL
  • Greer is pulling up and standing for longer lengths of time
  • Greer has a great sleeping schedule:  long morning nap from 9-11 and an afternoon nap from 1-3/4
  • We finally took the bassinet out of our bedroom and sent it to Ji Ji's house for now
  • Greer loves to wave to other people....often strangers
  • Greer says Ma Ma quite a bit now
  • Greer loves to try and drink from Hope's dog bowl....gross!!!!
Greer's Tenth Month...
  • Greer greets Jeremy with smiles and laughter at the door every day when he comes home!
  • Greer enjoys his first 4th of July at The Lake
  • Greer goes to his first buddy, Barrett's birthday party!
  • Greer is beginning to "cruise" along furniture- Greer loves to clap!
  • Greer loves "puffs," what is so special about these bland rice cakes?

Greer's Eleventh Month...

  • Greer is struggling with separation from Mommy right now
  • Greer is on the verge of walking 
  • Greer loves to get into cabinets and especially toilets (we are on round 2 of baby proofing our house)
  • Greer still tries to play with Hope, and she still avoids him.


  • Greer weighs 18 pounds and is 29.5 inches long
  • Sleeping habits are mimicking those of an infant....Greer is not sleeping through the night right now
  • Greer took his first steps 2 days before his birthday...they were very wobbly, but he was moving
  • Greer is enjoying music and often claps when something makes him happy
  • Greer's words at this point are: "ma ma", "da da", "uh oh", "ba"(bottle), "bye bye", and he likes to mimic sounds such as the monkey sound (eeh eeh), dog sound, chick sound, and other various truck sounds that his toys make!
  • Greer is enjoying Mother's Day Out 2 mornings a week and loves his friends and teachers!
  • Greer had a Great time at his Birthday Party and stayed up until 10:00.