Saturday, July 5, 2014

Mary Harper's First Birthday

How can this sweet girl be ONE already?!?  This first year has flown by!  I have to say I have spent more time enjoying her than I did Greer.  It is a big regret I have from when Greer was little, but we were always so worried about him from being so sick when he was born.  I have loved every moment with this baby girl and have cherished every moment of her with her baby brother as well!  It is sweeter than I ever could have imagined.  When I think of Mary Harper, these words come to mind....
sweet, fragile, happy, delightful, dainty, dramatic, determined, adventurous.  
She truly has been sugar and spice and everything nice!  I had so much fun planning and decorating for her party.  We did an early Saturday morning brunch.  The menu included mini quiches, mini donuts(chocolate and powder), baby yogurt, Chick-fil-A chicken minis, mini cinnamon rolls, fruit, Paw Paw's cheese grits, mini muffins(birthday cake flavor and blueberry), and strawberry cake with buttercream icing.  It was a sweet morning with sweet friends!  

Greer and Benny

Sweet friends

sweet little friends eating together

Greer loves Lainey

Sweet Adeline

Her signature face...kissy kissy

Sweet, sweet friends!

The note taker!

Mary Harper's first Madame Alexander doll

Sweet boys...John and Matthew

the set up

Mary Harper's first American Girl's a dark headed Bitty Baby
(because Mary Harper had dark hair as a baby)

two hands....

maybe just one

i could eat her little toes

Icing hand prints

Oliver and Greer helping Mi Mi get Mary Harper's riding toy ready to go

My mom has a picture of me when I was little in this same dress in front of a huge pot of impatiens

After cake wardrobe change...
this shirt was mine and a sweet friend(Margaret) sewed Mary Harper's name on it for her to have for her birthday

Joe and Jeremy having a little fun with corn hole

Baby fun!