Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow 2014

We were lucky enough to get some snow recently.  Just enough to cover the ground and build a snowman...and keep daddy home from work!  It was a wonderful time for us.  We stayed close to the fire(first time to turn it on actually) when we were inside and stayed buried in the snow when we were outside.  The best of both worlds I would say!  Greer loved drinking hot chocolate all day!  I actually think the tiny marshmallows and chocolate straw were his favorite part of the whole process.  We made our first big green egg pizza and built our first snowman as a family(well, the boys really did all the work).  Greer requested a blue scarf and Jeremy got creative(surprise) and used golf tees for the mouth and golf balls for the eyes.  How Augusta like of him!  We even found a real carrot for the little guy's nose.   Hope absolutely loves the snow too!   She loves catching the snow balls in her mouth.  We let her follow behind us on the golf cart most of the time and she ran with joy to be out in this white mess.  We ventured over to the soccer fields nearby for some good ol' Georgia snow fun!  Our sweet friends pulled us behind their golf cart....Jeremy on his snow board and the kids and me on the boogie board.  Such good times!  Greer and Jeremy snuck out in the morning while baby sister was napping and went sledding down the slopes on the 18th hole on Jeremy's snow board.  This was such a memorable two days for our family.  We would "warmly" welcome more snow if it wants to come back again.  Greer was once again a trooper!  He took the cold and wet like a champ!  Can't wait to get this boy on the real slopes!!  Unfortunately, many of our family in friends back in Alabama were experiencing snow in a different way.  They received an unexpected amount of snow and ice leaving many of them without choice but to abandon their cars and walk home...all because their was a forecast of some "light dusting".  So glad everyone we know was safe and warm!  Central Alabama made national news because of the tragedies so many people faced this day

The night was 9:30, so Greer should have been long gone asleep.  I could see his little eyes still open on the monitor and I couldn't resist, so I went and got him so he could see the snow.  He was so excited to see the snow falling from the sky and even more thrilled to wake up the next morning to find it had covered the ground for us to play in!   

Team work 

First Green Egg Pizza

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Eve

We decided to leave town this year for New Year's Eve.  It was a good choice for our family to just get away and relax after the holidays.  We decided to give Stone Mountain a try and are so glad we did!  It was not just kid friendly, but family friendly too!  We spent the day time playing in the snow and enjoyed the festive New Year's Eve fun in the little city they have within the park at night.  There was a Christmas parade, a short musical, 4D Polar Express movie(awesome btw), and lots of little shows going on throughout the park.  We had a wonderful time and even got in bed by 9:30 that night.  We will for sure go back at some point, especially since Greer was a fan of the snow!  We spent another day shopping in and around Atlanta and made our way to the outlets ones day.  Our babies were troopers!  

Not so sure about this...maybe next year our pictures will look a little different

Boys finishing up their turn on the BIG tube...Greer did not love it by any means

team work

This precious building had all sorts of accessories for the children to choose from

Sweetness...holding his snowman's hand

Snow angels

at the top of Stone Mountain

a view from the other side

Dinner with my buddy


Waking up in his own big hotel bed