Thursday, June 20, 2013


This little boy loves some fruit!  Here he is chomping down on some melon.  I remember eating tons and tons of fruit when I was pregnant with him.  I do wonder sometimes if this has anything to do with the food they will like when they are born.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Icing Please!

   Greer helping Ji Ji make dreamsicle cupcakes.  I never can resist a hiney shot.  

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Corn Hole Tournament and The Big Green Egg

Joe and Jeremy entered themselves in a corn hole tournament in Augusta in hopes of winning all and each taking home a Big Green Egg.  Too bad our boys got paired up with some corn hole "leaguers"  from Atlanta and were beat out of the tournament.  It's okay though!  The boys had a great time and so did we.  Amanda and I dropped by with the kids and enjoyed tasting some yummy food straight off the BGE.  They cut down the price of the eggs since they were being cooked on this day.  So yes, Jeremy came home with one anyway and has been in love ever since.  Here's some pics from the weekend, including Father's Day...when he actually pulled it out and cooked on it.  We've been cooking on it every weekend since.

Superwoman's hubby...."Superman".  
These two don't miss a beat when it comes to their babies.

Greer making one of the twins hold his hand.  I think this is John...but I'm not positive.  
They have to be standing next to each other for me to tell.

The boys in action!  We spend many fun afternoons in the front yard letting the kids play while the daddies practiced their corn hole game.  

Little boys at the big boy table.  They are not so little any more!  

Sweet Kate and Greer

Mom of course wanted a picture with Joe and Amanda's family...
I think she is pretending she has a big family.   

Mom's famous crab request!  This was the celebratory corn hole dinner. 
We were celebrating the boys' hard work and participation!

Happy Father's Day to one of the best daddies I know!  
We love you to the moon and back.  I'd say Jeremy had a good one for sure!!  
He has been talking about an egg for a long while now.  

The BGE love has started!  The Juicy Lucy cheeseburgers with the cheese in the middle have been my favorite so well as the wild boar sausage.  Cannot wait to learn more recipes and hopefully become inspired to cook more this summer.  Cooking this time of year is so dull for me.  This girl is perfectly fine with a blt, pizza, or bar b q take out from the clubhouse.  For some reason, the colder seasons are better at keeping me in the kitchen.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sprinkles of Love!

There have been several wonderful people to help us prepare for the arrival of our second child, but first baby girl!  We are so excited to have one of each and these precious friends have been so gracious to make sure we are ready.  I have to say I love the sprinkle idea.  It takes so much pressure off of the guest of honor, as you say.  We've been sprinkled three times and it has been all over meals with a small group of ladies.  I felt so much more at ease sitting around a table engaging in sincere conversations as opposed to opening gifts as fast as I could so that I wouldn't feel bad for the people having to watch.  Here are a few pics from each gathering.  All of these women hold a special place in my heart and are so generous to share their time, gift of advice, and favorite baby item with me!

These are some of the ladies from my church bible study.  I spent every Wednesday morning fall and spring with these women doing a Beth Moore Bible Study.  These women are full of wisdom and grace and lead by example every time I am around them.  I feel blessed to have stumbled across this class and am thankful for the ladies I met in the process.  We enjoyed a perfect lunch together at The Garlic Clove.

Here are all the precious goodies from my bible study friends 

"Happy Labor Day" cake.  What a precious idea!

These girls are friends from our neighborhood who have made us feel welcome from day one!  They have been more than just neighbors....they are true friends!  This move would not have been as easy without these awesome girls!  They have showed us around Augusta and have been more than willing to help us with anything we have needed.  We spent a fabulous night dining at Cadwalladers, enjoying amazing food and girl time away from the daily grind we all are a part of.  Being away from your hometown can be hard sometimes, but it's friends and neighbors like these that make you feel at home right where you are!  
Sweet, sweet friends: Amanda(The Hostess with the Mostess!), Kelly, Preggers, Crystal, & Erin

Seeing Mary Harper's sweet initials just made my day!  
This cake was beautiful!
If you look close, you can even see the sparkles on the cake.  

Mary Harper is for sure going to be in style!  
Look at all the sweet outfits and the jewelry and jewelry box too!  
So thankful for these precious girls and the time they took away from their families to have the perfect girls' night!

These are some of my sweet Birmingham friends who organized a gathering at Chuey's at the Summit. 
It was so nice to catch up with some of our old (meaning we have been friends for a long time) friends over a child free dinner.  I miss these girls and wish I could see them more!  
Hostesses with The Mostess!

The thoughtful "big brother" basket from Katie and Sue.  
Precious friends to say the least!!!  
This one takes the cake!  

Look at the adorable cookies with Mary Harper's initials.  
I ate quite a few of these awesome things!

Mary Harper's basket of goodies.  

Where's Mary Harper?  You can't miss her!

Nana, me and Mom

All of my baby dresses my mom has been saving for me to use "one day".  That big day is almost here and I am more than thrilled to fill her closet with these priceless pieces of clothing...some of which were handmade by Grandoll(aka "Mary").  Mom fibbed a little and told me she didn't really save much.  To say I was surprised is an understatement.  I am so proud and touched that she kept this a secret.  Unlike my mom, I love surprises!  This makes me not feel so bad for saving so much of Greer's sweet little outfits for when he hopefully has babies one day.  

ummm...can we say oh my cuteness!  This thing is beyond adorable!  
One of Mary Harper's first bathing suits.

One of my favorites!  Cannot wait to put her in this!!!  

Matching "big brother" and "little sister" shirts

Katelyn, Nana, Katie, Melissa, me and Sue(we are missing Kim)

Same group but with Mom in the pic.

Come on Katie....aren't you ready for another?  Three's a charm, right!

Sweet Sue and me....with our baby bumps.  She is due to deliver the week before me.  These sweet babies will be so close in age.  Cannot wait for Elijah and Mary Harper to meet.

I feel like this picture deserved a special place on here.  This is the awesome and thoughtful package I received by surprise in the mail from one of my Birmingham besties...Erin(aka Boo).  She was working the night we got together, but I still wanted to give her a shout out for all this cuteness!  I think it is safe to say that Mary Harper will be in "Vera" style right away.  This girl thinks of it all.  I love her idea of using the tote for a diaper bag and then letting it be Mary Harper's overnight bag as she gets a little older.  This pattern is one of my faves!!!  I am so glad to fill Mary Harper's drawers with all of this!  

We were sprinkled again by the wives of some of the husbands that Jeremy works with.  I thought I was going to meet Danielle for dinner and was surprised when I arrived to flowers, a cake, and gifts on the table in honor of our baby girl.  Such a sweet surprise and another enjoyable time without our little ones.  

Feeling REALLY blessed by all the love shown to us from our sweet friends and family!