Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Birmingham Visit

We met my Aunt Wendy and cousins in Atlanta after the Easter weekend and followed them, along with Mi Mi and Scott, to Birmingham  for a long visit.  Here is a recap of our week.  Such sweet moments with everyone....and lots and lots of good quality family time!  

Such a special week for all these children to get to spend time together!  
We just don't see them enough!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter and Baptism

This Easter was extra special for our family!  Not only did we celebrate the resurrection of Christ, but we were able to baptize both of our children together on this very special day!  Greer was technically baptized in the hospital a few days after he was born(because they didn't think he was going to live).  We wanted to have him formally baptized in the church and since we waited long enough(not intentionally), both children were baptized together.  It made for a very special day.  We are so proud of our babies and completely thankful for the plan God has revealed for our family so far!  Another part that made it so special was that Aunt Wendy, Julia, and Kristin were able to join us during this time.  The children had a wonderful time playing together and just being kids.  Greer was so happy to have them here and to share his bedroom with them.  Oh how I would love to go back to the night Wendy and I stayed up listening to them giggle over the monitor.  This was the same night the Easter bunny came.  Such a special weekend!

Sweet flowers from the Westdyks

Wesley did a wonderful job of making our family feel so special!  
Having our children baptized on Easter is a day I will never forget!